A garage is perhaps one of the most important parts of your home. You may not think about it as much as you do about the rest of your home, but a garage can have many different uses. It can be used as a storage area, or a space that can be used for anything from being a kids’ playroom to a guest room and more. So having a garage space with a good, strong, functional door is a must. The security of your garage not only effects just the garage, but the security of your entire house.

Davie garage door repairPossibly being the biggest opening to your home, and oftentimes connected directly to the rest of the house, securing your garage door should be top priority. If there is a problem with your garage door, fixing it ASAP will ensure that your home remains safe. Let’s look at how keeping your garage door well-maintained, and taking simple steps for security can improve the security of your entire home.

Check your garage door before leaving home- When you regularly close your garage door with your remote opener before driving away, make sure it closes all the way and stays closed. Sometimes if there is any debris, or if something goes wrong with your garage door, the door can open immediately after closing. For any required repairs, call a reputable garage door repair company to fix the problem. If you live in Florida, in Davie, garage door repair services can be done by Garage Door Pros. We have been a leading garage door repair company in Florida since 2012. We provide efficient, timely, and reasonably priced expert repair and installation services in many places in Florida.

Keep up with regular maintenance- Having your garage door regularly serviced by an experienced professional will help to catch and fix problems before they lead to bigger issues, or before an improperly functioning garage door becomes the cause of burglary for you. In Davie garage door repair and maintenance can be done by Garage Door Pros. Just check out our website or call us at 888.458.9699 to find out how we can provide garage door maintenance services for you. Our maintenance service can not only save you a lot of hassle, but also money with preventative measures to keep your garage door functioning at its best. Problem with any of the parts or rusting or damage to the door can be rectified right away.

Invest in a sturdy garage door- Getting a garage door made of a sturdy material such as solid wood, fiberglass, or metal is worth the investment to protect the belongings in your garage and in your home. In Florida, you can call Garage Door Pros for all garage door installation needs you may have. A solid door is a deterrent for burglars and improves the overall security of your home.

Unplug the garage door opener- If you are on vacation or you plan to be away from home for an extended period of time, you may want to unplug the garage door opener so it cannot be activated. Putting a bolt through one of the garage door track holes will also make it difficult for anyone to break in by operating your garage door.

Garage Door ProsCover the windows- If you have windows in your garage, you might want to use shades or blinds, or a translucent film on the glass to keep prying eyes away. If needed, you may also think about installing window bars for extra security.

Set a timer- I have seen garage doors being left open for hours through the day or even at night in many houses in my neighborhood. Such practice is an invitation to a burglar looking to steal items without even taking the trouble of breaking in through your garage door. If you have a habit of leaving your garage door open or you forget to close it often, you may want to think about setting up a timer that will close your garage door after a predetermined amount of time.

Other than the things listed above, you can also make your home more secure by not leaving your garage door remote in your car, especially if it is parked outside. You can buy a keychain remote opener that you can leave with your keys, rather than clipping on the visor. Make sure that the entrance from your garage to your home is also secure. If you have a door between your garage and house, make sure you have a wide-angle peephole so you do not have to open the door to look into the garage in case you hear a strange noise. Another good idea is to install motion detector lights around the garage to deter intruders.

If you are a homeowner, you probably have a garage with your house. Your garage possibly has many uses for you than just to park your car. It can be used to store items, as a game room, TV room, kids’ room, and much more. So maintaining your garage in good condition at all times is important. But like all other things, you can have trouble with your garage door sometimes. Especially if the weather is bad, damage to your garage door is more likely. In Florida, Garage Door Pros can help you repair any weather related damage to your garage door.

Strong storms in Florida can sometimes cause a lot of damage to homes. Your garage door may also get damaged and need a professional repair service to fix it. Depending upon the type of garage door you have- its size, design, wind resistance rating, and storm reinforcement features- damage to it can happen in different ways and to varying degrees during storms. Here are some necessary fixes that might be needed for your garage door after a major storm.

garage door repair services Weston

  • The garage door is the biggest, and can be the weakest opening in your house that can be damaged in a storm. Strong winds can blow the door in or out. The problem in this is not just limited to the door itself, but it actually creates a negative pressure which creates a vacuum on the roof. This can cause the roof and the supporting walls to blow off. With the garage door broken down, wind-driven rain can also enter the house and damage the drywall and the furnishings inside the home. So as you can see, having damage done to the garage door has a sort of domino effect where other parts of the home can have major damage too. You will need a new, reinforced garage door after the storm. A door with a heavier gauge track and additional bracing should be used as a replacement, so that it can withstand a storm. In Weston, garage door repairs can be performed efficiently by the experts at Garage Door Pros. We are experienced in working with different garage door styles, and would be happy to give you a free estimate for your garage door repair or installation needs.
  • Your garage door may also be damaged or weakened due to a storm, even if it does not actually get blown off. In such a case, you might need to get the door repaired and reinforced, so that it can successfully withstand another storm in the future. But this is recommended only if your garage door is in a relatively good condition. If not, strengthening the door will still not be enough to prevent it from failing in strong winds.
  • The impact of flying debris during a storm can also cause substantial damage to your garage door. Sometimes, however, the damage is just superficial and the door will just get some dents and scratches from the debris. A quick painting job and hammering out the dents will generally fix the door. But the dents can be smoothed out only if they are towards the middle of the panel(s) rather than towards the edge joints.
  • If your garage door has windows, high winds during a storm can break them. Broken garage door windows are easy to fix though. Replacing the broken window with a new one and making sure that it is sealed properly is all that is required. If the garage door springs have been broken or damaged, they need to be repaired or replaced as soon as possible. Without properly working springs, you will be unable to raise or lower your garage door. A wood garage door can also have its trim damaged in a storm. Sanding the trim or replacing a piece of it might get your garage door to look good as new again. For all these damages and more, garage door repair services Weston, Florida can be performed by Garage Door Pros- a leading garage door company in Florida. Since 2012, we have gained more and more recognition for the good quality work we provide in a timely manner. Our fully trained and certified experts can not only provide repairs and installation, but can also perform garage door maintenance on a regular basis, so that any big problems can be avoided.

Depending upon where you live, major storms can have a devastating effect on your garage door, and possibly other parts of your home. The best way to avoid this damage is to install a garage door that meets all the safety codes for your area and has a good chance of withstanding adverse weather conditions. Even though it can be easily overlooked, securing the garage door is extremely important for the safety of your entire house.



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