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garage door repair in SunriseGarage door repair in Sunrise is a service people know they can rely on when it comes to one of the most important components of their home. Garage doors work on a system of pulleys to rise up and down with intricate mechanisms that work in tangent with one another. When one component begins to wear away the entire system to start to break down resulting in expensive repairs or in worst case scenarios, a costly replacement.

One of the calls no one ever wants to make is to have the repairman come out to open their garage door if they’ve lost the remote control to open and close their garage door. It’s inconvenient to be ready to head out in the morning to work or an appointment only to realize at the last minute you don’t have the remote to open your garage door. This can put a halt to any plans you made for the day and forces you to either wait or hope you find the remote for the garage door in time.

Extra Security

The keyless entry system is excellent when it comes to garage door repair in Sunrise if you want a way to ensure there is an extra layer of security for your home. While having a remote on hand for your garage door is fine chances are you probably have people visiting or the remote goes missing every now and again. The keyless entry system, usually an installed keypad, provides you with a way to open the garage door. Instead of handing out a key to a close friend or family member who may be house sitting, you can simply assign a guest pin for limited use. You can even do this if you’re expecting the company to drop by so they can get in when you’re not home.

Peace of Mind

The worst situation to be in is to be locked out of the house and unable to open the garage door. The secondary entry into the garage by using a keypad provides peace of mind since you won’t have to worry about having your remote on hand each time you’re in and out of the garage. Whether you’re doing yard work, out walking the dog, or just talking to a neighbor in the driveway you don’t have to worry about having the remote on hand. This can be a nice convenience too if you’re constantly in and out of the garage and don’t want to worry about carrying around the remote everywhere you go.


garage door repair services in SunriseOne of the caveats of garage door repair services in Sunrise is when a remote goes missing, sometimes it’s gone for good. Keypads provide an easy way to open the garage door without having to carry around the remote everywhere. Remote controls can also be unreliable and stop working due to the battery being dead, flaws, or being dropped in water.

The keypad provides a more reliable way to get the garage door open when needed in case of one of these emergencies. Can you imagine only having a remote to open and close the garage door, only to find out several hours later it doesn’t work anymore? Now that’s a hassle no one deserves since it’s just a waste of time and usually results in a phone call to get the garage door open.


Keypads are reliable and they can have a battery backup installed along with a surge protector to ensure they keep working in case of an emergency. The best part is no wiring is necessary to have the keypads within range of the sensors leading to the garage door. No extensive wiring means the keypad is an easy installation and can start working on the same day it’s installed. Keyless door entry is the way to go for any garage door if you want peace of mind and convenience.


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Garage Door Service TamaracSince the beginning of the 20th century, garages have been utilized in millions of homes across the United States. Over time, these handy storage areas have become a foothold in homes around the country, with each homeowner using the storage area for different reasons. Whether its use is for keeping multiple cars inside, transforming the area into safe children’s playroom, music or photography studio, or even an extra bedroom. Garages and the doors that keep all your items or extra room safely confined– are not pardoned from the damage of daily use and time. Let's face it things happen, doors come off the rack, door openers malfunction, cables snap, and springs get bent permanently out of shape.

There could be other setbacks that can turn your day upside down into an issue only resolved with time and money. This is where we come in. If you have an issue with your garage door, getting it looked at or even fixed understandably it becomes our top priority.

While your garage door is having trouble opening or the cables have completely broken off let an experienced technician repair any of your garage door issues. This article talks about what you will need to know about fixing garage door chain repair. Read on to find out all about the chain repair and its importance. What you Need to Know about Garage Door Chain Repair

Why should you hire us?

We are your garage door repair company, that offers top-of-the-service. Our Garage Door Pros are able to work with many different brands and have the access to any replacement parts you may need for your garage door. We have experienced technicians that can safely repair any of your garage door issues.

Lastly, we have professionals at Garage Door Pros that are very knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to repairs-especially garage door chain repairs. This means that our Tamarac garage door service technicians will most likely be able to correct any problems that you may have with your garage door chain regardless of the following of style, brand or type of garage you have.

The technicians at the Repair garage door Tamarac have all of the necessary tools needed for your repair including access to any technical documents that are specific to the maintenance of your garage door needs. With the knowledge that the garage door repair Tamarac technicians have, your garage door will be back in tip-top shape in no time at all!

The best reputable company in Town!

Garage DoorIt’s routine for homeowners to have a maintenance checklist they follow each year around their home. It’s very common for many homeowners to leave out the maintenance work for their garage doors. It is very important to repair your garage door as it is to have other areas in your home inspected for maintenance. Thousands of people don’t generally think about this until their door is broken or not properly working because of over-use due to time.

At this point, you are researching and looking for a garage door service Tamarac company for your maintenance needs. You’ve probably noticed the multiple ads on Television and advertised on the radio at a hardware store offering repair services for your garage door. Did you know in the state of Florida contractors don’t have to be licensed or insured to do contract work on your garage door. However, you will want to hire someone who is both insured and licensed. It is important that you hire a company that is fully insured and licensed. If you hired a company that is not licensed or insured and the contractor gets hurt on your property then you will be liable for them getting hurt. In the long run, it will end up costing you more money.

If you need to find the best reputable company in town that is licensed and insured, turn to garage door repair services Tamarac. We will offer you a free estimate on our garage door repair services.

Finding an affordable company for your garage door repair needs

Are you looking for an affordable but low costly company for your repair needs? Then look no further we are a company that has everything from skilled and experienced technicians who are licensed as well as insured. Lastly, we are an affordable company that offers great prices of our services at a low but competitive price for your repair.

Top garage door service offers in Tamarac!

With any garage door, you may need service from the garage door repair in Tamarac. We have the best team in Tamarac because our biggest advantage is your safety. If you have a garage door that is broken or over-used due to time, then you will need to repair or replace it quickly. When you have a broken or overly-used garage door, you run the high-risk of someone or even yourself getting hurt around your garage. Call our experts, we’re well-versed with all aspects of garage doors and other services. We have the experience and skills to fix your garage door. Call us now at 954-830-9661 for your free estimate and let us know how we can help you. Tamarac garage door service will be able to fix your garage door problem in no time at all.


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The garage door is a focal point of any home when it comes to keeping out weather, debris, and sheltering the contents of the garage. Maintenance for garage doors is not a subject many people consider when it comes to this area of their home. It’s often forgotten until the garage door comes crashing down in a loud screech and the owner has to take time out of their day to wait for the repairman to show up.

What Are Signs a Garage Door is Breaking Down?

Garage door repair in Plantation is a necessity with the high humidity in Florida, so things tend to break down at a faster rate. One of the signs a garage door is beginning to break down if it starts to make screeching sounds when it’s rolling up and down. This can be a sure sign the collision springs are starting to give way and it’s a precursor to the collision springs breaking.

The screeching can also be a sign that the garage door needs to be oiled which may be the cause of the noise. Keeping the moving components of the garage door well-oiled will help to keep it working smoothly and at full capacity.

When Should People Have Their Garage Door Repaired?

Garage door repair in PlantationOn average, garage doors will begin to break down over a long period of time depending on how often they’re used each day. Garage doors that are used twice a day will typically last ten to fifteen years and when used three times a day that number will be cut in half. When owners don’t do regular maintenance to ensure the integrity of their garage doors they continue to break down to the point where they’re non-operational.

Most garage door repair in Plantation is a necessity since these components of a home need to be maintained. The materials a garage door is made from will also play a major role in how often they need to be maintained. Wood garage doors, for example, will have to be repainted every few years to keep them protected from the elements. Steel garage doors should be checked every couple of months for rust and if any is found, wash the rust away before it can compromise its integrity.

Owners should have their garage doors checked at least once a year to ensure all the components are fully functioning and continuing to work. Relying on a professional to check on the garage door will help to catch any problems before they become worse and will save owners a large repair bill down the line. The last thing any owner wants is to have their daily schedule come to an abrupt halt when trying to get out the door in the morning.

How Can People with Residential Homes Lessen the Chance of Their Garage Door Breaking Down?

The Plantation garage door service has always made ourselves readily available to help out owners when they need a repair done. We understand the hassle people go through when their garage door breaks down and they want to return to their normal schedule. We do repairs efficiently to help people be on their way instead of having to wait around to get their car out of the garage.

The best way owners can lessen the chances of their garage door breaking down completely is to recognize the signs when it begins to break down and to do spot check maintenance. Spot check maintenance is easy and requires just a few tools and time to do. The maintenance involved cleaning down the tracks and keeping them clear of debris, checking the rollers, and oiling any parts of the garage door that may need it.

Doing regular maintenance will help a garage door to last for well over a decade along with having the proper repairs done when it’s necessary. We strongly encourage owners to give us a call if their garage door shows of the telltale signs it’s starting to break down.

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When they're working, you don't think about your garage doors. When they malfunction, it becomes a problem. Suddenly you don't have access to your garage anymore! So, why won't it open? There are lots of reasons why, and it may take you some trial and error to find out why. Here are some common issues that Hollywood garage door repair services have come across, and how you can diagnose them.

Why Won't The Garage Door Open?

More often than not, the issue that's stopping your garage door open is actually quite simple. What makes it complicated is that you may have to do some sleuthing before you can get the issue fixed. Here are some of the most common reasons why the door won't open:

  • Garage Door ServiceThe photo-eye is blocked: The photo-eye shoots a laser across the doorway, and if it's interrupted, it won't let the garage door shut. It's a safety measure that protects both your family and your car. If the eye is blocked or damaged, it may not be letting it shut. Give the eye a clean with a tissue, and check whether the lead to the eye has become damaged. If it has, it may not be working.
  • There's no power: It sounds obvious, but if the door opening mechanism isn't plugged in, then it isn't going to work. Check that the mechanism hasn't been unplugged, or that a power cut isn't stopping it from working. If it is the issue, all you have to do is restore the power to get it working again.
  • The torsion springs are broken: The torsion springs are the first things to usually go on a garage door, and they're usually only rated for a certain number of cycles. If a garage door repair company are called out, it's usually for this. If you hear a loud noise rather like a firecracker or a gunshot, then it's usually the springs that have gone. You will need to call out a repair company to deal with this.
  • The sensitivity is off: This usually happens to newly installed garage doors. If the door won't open, or it's opening at the wrong time, then it's probably the sensitivity is off. Check your manufacturer's instructions as they'll tell you how to reset the sensitivity.
  • The remote control isn't working: If you're trying to open the door and it won't do it, it may be the remote control may be to blame. It really should be the first thing you check if this happens to you. You may need to change the batteries in the remote or check that the sensor on the car is hanging down from it properly so it can be read by the door sensor.
  • The door is off the track: Sometimes the door can come off the track, and this stops it opening. This can happen if the cables or springs snap. If this is the case, there may be bumps in the door, or obstacles stopping it from shutting. If you suspect this is the case, you'll need to call in the professionals.

Getting Your Garage Door Fixed

As you can see, there are two different kinds of issues stopping your garage door shut. One is a simple fix that can be handled within minutes. The other is a larger issue that's best handled by an expert.

Examine your garage door and see if you can determine the fault. If it's a simple one, such as the photo-eye being blocked, fix the issue and try it again. If this doesn't work, or you suspect a bigger issue is at fault, you'll need to call in garage door repair services Hollywood.

This service will come in, examine your garage door, and make an assessment as to what work needs doing. This is always the best option if you're unsure, as any attempts to repair yourself can actually cause more damage in the long run.

There are a few different reasons why your garage door may not be opening. Use these tips to diagnose your door, and call for help if you need it. No matter how complicated it is, a repair service can help.


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Garage Door Repair in Palm BeachYou garage door is a very important piece of equipment that not only protects all the belongings in your garage, but oftentimes it also provides an entryway into your house. Needless to say, having your garage door in good condition and working smoothly is necessary for the safety and security of your home. If you have any problem with your garage door, getting it fixed, understandably, becomes top priority. While your garage door is too big and heavy, and has many different parts for you to try to fix any issues, but having some knowledge about basic parts of your garage door can come in handy for regular maintenance. This article talks about one of the most important parts of any garage door- the torsion spring. Read on to find out all about the torsion spring and its importance.
What is a Torsion Spring?

Just like any spring, garage door torsion springs store mechanical energy due to a rotating or twisting motion. They can store much more energy than a usual spring because they are made from a denser material. You can generally see torsion springs mounted horizontally on the of your garage door. When you pull down or close your garage door, cables attached to the bottom corners force the springs to wind up, in turn energizing the system. When you open your garage door, the springs unwind and their energy transfers to the door. This helps it to lift up and makes it easier to open. With continued opening and closing of the garage door, over time, the steel in the springs begins to weaken and eventually the springs break.

Other than continuous usage, environmental factors such as rusting and hot/cold weather can also effect the lifespan of the torsion springs. The average lifespan of torsion springs is five to seven years or 10,000 cycles (of opening and closing the garage door). Contacting a reputable garage door repair company in Fort Lauderdale is the best thing to do for any repairs or replacement of torsion springs.

Importance of a Torsion Spring

Garage Door ProsThe most common type of garage door system is a torsion spring system. The springs are usually constructed from titanium, carbon and stainless steel, and beryllium copper. They are designed according to the weight of the garage door. If the weight of the door is increased (say you get a new door), then the torsion springs will need to be replaced. You cannot use the same springs because they are constructed to work with garage doors only up to a certain weight limit. Not just the weight, but also the size of the springs may be different to be able to work with different doors. The smooth and safe functioning of your garage door depends on the torsion springs to a large extent. Therefore, the importance of these is quite evident. Along with some other components, the entire spring apparatus of your garage door works to raise and lower it. This apparatus includes cables, cable drums, and a torsion tube besides the springs themselves.

The cables are attached to the cable drums, which are installed alongside the door. The torsion tube is fitted inside the springs and runs along the top of the door. The cable drums are tightened onto this tube. The springs unwind when the garage door is opened, and wind up when it is closed. Without their proper functioning, your garage door cannot work. A broken spring can cause the door to fall rapidly, causing injury or even death. Do not attempt to fix or replace torsion springs yourself, as this can be a very dangerous undertaking. Calling a professional repair company is the best option. In Fort Lauderdale, garage door repair can be performed by Garage Door Pros.

Our experts are well-versed with all aspects of garage doors and have the experience and tools to fix your door right away. Sensors, motors, springs, rollers, and more- you name it and we have experience in fixing it all, as well as replacing and installing new doors. Just call us at 954.830.9661 and let us know how we can help you. We are confident that you will not find a better Fort Lauderdale garage door service.

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No one thinks about it much, but garage doors really are an important part of your day-to-day lives.  Your garage doors deter intruders, keep out unwanted animals, cut down on the amount of pests that enter your home, and keep your cars or belongings safe.

What happens when your garage door breaks? Call the garage door repair in Davie!

No one wants their garage door to malfunction or break – especially on a weekend or at night, just before bedtime, but if it does, do not worry!  Luckily for you, the Davie garage door repair contractor has an “emergency” hotline where we will take your call 24/7.  We are known for our prompt and thorough service, and will get you taken care of as soon as possible!

The garage door repair in Davie knows the risks!

Davie Garage DoorsNo matter what kind of tragedy strikes, whether a spring bends or breaks or a roller falls off its track, we have got you covered.  Garage doors are heavy and can be incredibly dangerous if not handled properly.  Wait for our certified staff members to arrive as they are trained to do the job in a safe and efficient manner.
Broken springs or snapped cables are an even more common problem for garage doors, but they are not the only issues.  Smashed in doors, dents and breaks, broken locks and gears, etc. have all happened, so trust us; we have probably already seen the likes, and have the parts to fix it.

These problems can happen a number of ways for several different reasons, but fear not, our technicians are well-equipped to deal with such problems.  Do not try to handle it on your own. If a door falls of slips, you could be seriously injured!

Not only do we repair the physical problems, but we even fix technical issues too.  If a motor short-circuits or a clicking door opener malfunctions, we have got your back.  By providing newer products that save energy, we will help you save money, too.
Your calls do not always have to be regarding an emergency fix either – we also install and maintain your garage doors.  Our certified staff is trained to do any job in a safe and efficient manner.

The garage door repair in Davie is always up for a challenge!

We will never leave you stranded with a broken garage door or one that is inaccessible for very long.  We strive to save you money which is why we offer free estimates!  We will come take a look at the damage or the issue and will give you a quote free of cost – with absolutely no obligations.  If you get a written estimate from a competing company that is lower than the one we to gave you, the garage door repair company in Davie will lower our price and promises to beat it by 10%!

Go online and take a look at our customer review page and be reassured by what our other customers say about us.  As a leader in the garage door industry since 2012, we pledge to meet all your needs.  We provide fast and safe services to our customers along with a price-match guarantee – and we have over 900 5-star reviews from our customers!

The three easiest ways to prevent damage to your garage door

Here at the Davie garage door repair company, we fix any problem garage door related, technical or otherwise, but it is important to first take precautions.  Use judgement and do not do anything rash.  Additionally, when something is properly maintained, the less likely it is to break or fail.  The number one key to preventing door damage is to keep your garage doors “healthy” and maintained.  If you see a small issue, do not let it go until it becomes something far bigger.  Replace the rusty springs before they rust through and break.  Yes, it might cost some money to replace the springs, but it is a small price to pay if the door would come crashing down on your car or child, causing huge amounts of damage and injury.  Again, take precautions, properly maintain your equipment, and replace old parts.

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If a garage door spring breaks, you are either stuck inside the garage or outside of it. Either way, it is not a good place to be. A pretty common misconception is that when a garage door isn’t working properly, the opener is to blame as this is the tool that opens and closes the door itself. In some cases, this is true, however, the springs are what are responsible for doing all the heavy lifting. No need to be a garage door expert to know if a spring is broken or not. Here are a few characteristics that a garage door spring might exhibit if it is broken.

Stopping While Opening

This is the most common sign of a broken spring. This is also the most misconstrued common sign, as most people mistake this sign for a broken garage door opener rather than a broken spring. Garage door service repair of Miramar can help determine if the spring is broken or if the opener just needs a new battery. Either way, it is important to contact a professional.

Miramar garage door Service Company

The Garage Door Falls Fast When Closing

Obviously, a door should close relatively quickly, as well as open relatively quickly. However, when a door starts to close alarmingly fast, then there is an issue. If a garage door is falling faster than normal when closing it with an automatic opener, the spring could potentially be broken. The door opener is not designed to carry the entire weight of the actual door, therefore the falling speeds become faster than normal when the springs are not properly working.

The Garage Door is Jerky Going Up or Down

When a garage door lifts or drops, it should do so in one smooth motion. If, for some reason, the garage seems to be lifting or lowering in a jerky motion, it is likely that one spring is broken and the other is well on its way to being broken as well. The jerking motion is especially common on those garage doors that are equipped with extension springs. In some cases, fixing this issue could be as simple as lubricating the garage door pulleys, hinges, and rollers. However, if there is any doubt on what the issue is, the best thing to do is call Miramar garage door Service Company.

The Garage Door is Crooked Going Up or Down

Again, when the door goes up and when it comes down, it should be in a straight line and in one smooth motion. Certain garage doors that are equipped with extension springs that stretch have independent suspension. Each spring is mounted on the side of the garage door and they will pull independently of each other. If one of those springs breaks, that side with the broken spring won’t be pulling the door up. As a result, the door will go up crooked or potentially become stuck in the tracks.

The Top Section of the Garage Door is Bent

Garage Door Broken SpringDepending on the type of garage door in the home, an electric garage door opener might bend at the top section when the door tries to open if a spring is broken. This is all too common with “open force” is turned up all the way on the garage door’s circuit board. The open and close force on a garage door is there as a safety precaution and is designed to prevent scenarios like the one described above. Sometimes all that is needed to be done is a simple strut replacement, however, it is best to let a professional come and take a look and decide. Broken springs and other related hardware could be dangerous to those who are not familiar with the mechanics.

Once it has been determined that the garage door springs are broken, the next step is to call Miramar garage door repair service and set up and appointment for inspection and repair. Again, garage door repair is a dangerous job for individuals who are not familiar with the mechanics and safety precautions necessary to fix a garage door. Reputable companies will always come out and inspect before giving an estimate of repair. Call today about your door.

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DIY projects, short for “do it yourself”, are becoming a widespread phenomenon when people start to build or maintain their own household. Learning how to recycle old parts, cleaning out and rebuilding household items, and in some cases even completely repurposing a piece of furniture for something else entirely. These projects are fun to do for many people and the results vary depending on skill and experience. While DIY projects are excellent and it’s encouraged to understand how important aspects of your home, you should never skimp when it comes to needing a professional repair service.

Intricate System

garage door repair in WestonThe garage door repair in Weston concerns handling the intricate system that makes up a garage door. While model and brands vary, at its core each garage door operates on a system of pulleys and rollers to function properly. On the surface, this system may seem simple and easy to fix on your own, which we don’t recommend. Certain aspects of a garage door should only be handled by a professional like fixing a collision spring or replacing rollers.

This intricate system of the garage door should always be handled with care and never by anyone less than a professional. When one component of the system starts to break down everything about it can start to come apart. Rollers may not work as efficiently, the garage door may screech and groan, and the collision springs can even snap back and break if they’re deteriorated enough.

What Causes a Garage Door to Break Down?

Garage door repair in Weston is done usually around the year, but not everyone is familiar with how these vital components of the home will begin to break down. The biggest factor with garage doors is the common wear and tear on them. One rule of thumb is the more often a garage open and closes each given day is a good determining factor of how many years it will last. Garage doors that are typically used twice any given day will last about ten to fifteen years since they’re not being used often. Garage doors that are used three times a day will last about five years and the number continues to decrease for how long a garage door will last.

The other aspect of garage door service in Weston is the lack of maintenance done on them throughout time. While the materials a garage door is constructed from does play a part in how long it will last, without the proper maintenance it will break down faster. Basic maintenance like cleaning out the rollers, wiping down the tracks, and checking to make sure the garage doors don’t need a fresh coat of paint is just a few of the steps owners need to take.

 garage door repair services in WestonDoing this basic maintenance will help to extend the life of a garage door and ensure people get their money’s worth out of it when it comes to replacing one. Steel garage doors, for example, can begin to rust over time and they may require a fresh coat of paint and scrub off the rust to get them looking new again.

Noisy garage doors are another issue many people face that can be caused by a number of factors, including dirty rollers, tracks, or lack of lubricant. Cleaning down the rollers and tracks and applying a fresh batch of lubricant can help to quiet down garage doors that have begun to rattle and groan when going up and down.

Our garage door repair services in Weston are essential for keeping a garage door in good repair and ensuring they’re able to continue functioning correctly. While basic maintenance is a necessity in this day and age, professional repairs should be left to people who have the right tools and experience to do them. Please feel free to give us a call if you ever need a garage door repair done and lets us take care of the issue for you.




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