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Garage Doors Pros is a seasoned and reputable company in Tamarac, FL. With years of extensive industry experience, we have the tools and expertise to repair and fix any garage door. This includes residential doors, along with commercial and warehouse units as well. We always offer complimentary consultations and free quotes – estimates for all new and existing clients.

From traditional wood and aluminum to steel and rollouts, we are proud to service and repair all types of garage doors. We even specialize in complete installations for new homes and offices – as well as establishments that want to upgrade or install new garage doors.

As your garage door service professionals in Tamarac, we are committed to excellence in all services. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Repairing garage door springs and rollers.
  • Fixing all tracks and railing issues – which ensure proper functionality and performance.
  • Checking central motors, sensors, and ensuring complete correlation with CCTV.
  • Fixing remote control issues – wireless programming – codes – alarm systems and more.
  • Repairing door panel problems, such as dents and obtrusions.
  • We service, repair and install all types of home and business garage doors – wood, aluminum, steel, roll-out and other units.

Garage Door Repair Tamarac

Expert Garage Door Repairs in Tamarac

With timely and affordable Tamarac garage door services, you are always in good hands. In fact, we stand by all our work and only use the highest grade of materials for all repairs and doors. Our technicians also advise home and business owners that are looking for new garage doors. This includes visual samples of new doors, along with the latest in wireless and cloud-based remotes. Whether experiencing spring, trail, tracks or wheel issues – we fix it all at Garage Door Repair Tamarac. Here are some of the items we cover on our comprehensive and extensive repair checklist:

  • Complete garage door inspections for all Tamarac home and business owners.
  • Ensuring all garage doors are functioning at peak-performance levels; tracks, railings, wheels, and overall performance.
  • Programming your garage door – if desired – to correlate with your devices. This includes remote controls, wireless controls, Smartphones and car-based openers.
  • Checking the motor to make sure it’s operating at the right levels – this is important for the everyday opening and closing of your doors.
  • Checking sensors to make sure they are working well – this is important in preventing damages to your doors by certain obstacles – garbage bins, cars backing up, etc.
  • Each panel on your door will be carefully inspected and repaired if needed. Perfect alignment of panels is a must to ensure optimal performance and functionality.

Garage Doors and Tracks Issues

Garage Door Repair TamaracOne of the main issues we encounter with garage doors are track problems. This, of course, is when the garage door comes off the track and causes several problems. In fact, this scenario can be extremely dangerous – since the door can collapse and injure a family member or pet. With this mind, let’s take a look at some of the reasons why this happens:

  • You accidentally hit the garage door with your car.
  • The horizontal tracks are bending under the weight of the door.
  • The tracks are not aligned properly.
  • The rollers have worn out or broke due to common wear-and-tear or erosion.
  • The lift cable is broken or needs some modifications – repairs.
  • Your door was not properly inspected by the previous company – or contractor – that installed it.

When it comes to track and garage door repairs, go no further than Garage Door Pros. We can repair all the issues listed above – while ensuring timely and lasting results. Remember, all garage door parts and components need to work properly day and night.

With this in mind, even the slightest mechanical problems can prevent your door from performing properly. This is why we also offer emergency 24/7 garage door services and repairs for all Tamarac customers. This includes homes, along with businesses and even warehouses and industrial venues.


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Garage Door ProsMost people do not realize how important their garage door is. As the biggest entranceway into your home, your garage door not only helps to make your home look great, but it can enhance your home’s value and can keep you, and your family, safe from predators, thieves, and other unwanted guests. Your home and your things are in jeopardy the moment that garage door breaks or stops working.

If you garage door breaks or begins to malfunction, wait for assistance. Garage doors can be quite dangerous, and fixing them should not be attempted by a novice. Garage doors are heavy, and if not dealt with properly, you could be injured and they could be damaged permanently. But don’t worry, it is one of our specialties - leave it up to the garage door repair company!

Broken springs and cables can happen a number of ways, but thankfully, our technicians are well-equipped to deal with such problems.

Not only do we repair the physical problems, but we even fix technical issues too. If a motor short-circuits or a clicking door opener malfunctions, we have got your back. By providing newer products that save energy, we will help you save money, too.

Other issues with your garage doors include smashed in doors, dents and breaks, broken locks and gears. It has all happened, so trust us; we are ready to deal with anything and have the parts to fix it. Our certified staff is trained to handle any issue that might arise on the job.

Have you heard of theSunrise garage door service’s 24/7 guarantee?

What if your garage door malfunctions or breaks on a weekend, or at night? We have an emergency, 24-hour hotline so you can call anytime, day or night, to report your emergency. We operate 24/7 to ensure that you are properly taken care of and are not stuck with a problem. Once we take your call, we send a crew out to the site as soon as possible. We are known for our prompt and thorough service and will get you taken care of in a timely manner. Keep in mind that your calls do not always have to be concerning an emergency fix – we also install and provide maintenance for your garage doors.

Did you know that the Sunrise garage door service aims to save you money?

We are proud to be a company that saves our customers money by not overcharging, and by installing energy-saving devices. With our free estimates, we will come look at the damage and give you a free quote – with no obligations. Call and make a free appointment today. However, if you get a written estimate from a competing company that is lower than the one we gave you, we will drop our price and promise to beat it by 10%!
Take a look at our customer review page online and see what our other customers have to say about us. The Garage Door Repair Sunrise has over 900 5-star reviews from our customers! As a leader in the garage door industry since 2012, we pledge to meet all your needs and take great care of you.

A little advice from the garage door repair services in sunrise

Garage Door Repair SunriseWhile garage doors come in all shapes, colors, and sizes, there are pros and cons to each style and brand. Make sure to do your research before simply purchasing a garage door and sticking it on your house. Be certain it is a good brand – one that is not often recalled or easily broken.
Also, think about if the garage door has windows.

  • Windows can not only look great, but they can let in natural light. But unfortunately, windows let the temperate in the garage fluctuate more, depending on the weather outside.
  • It is convenient that windows can allow you to see outside when a guest arrives. However, they also let prowlers and thieves see in…which is not as convenient.
  • Windows are fragile and can even be broken, which can allow a burglar to climb in, gaining undesired access to your home.


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garage door repair PlantationWinter time is in full swing now and it’s that time of the year where people are bundling up to ward off the chill winds coming their way. During the holiday season it’s not unheard of to see people doing late spring cleaning, throwing out old knickknacks, and dusting off decorations to put them on display in preparation for another year ending. While the days may be growing shorter and lists longer, it’s probably high time to dig into some much needed maintenance for your own home.

The winter season can be harsh for homeowners, especially those that own garage doors. The cold can mess with gears, leaves blown in can crumble and get caught up in the rails, and it could leave you needing to call the repairman when you’re trying to head off to work. Instead of waiting until disaster strikes to have a garage door fixed, why not take a look into making sure your garage door opener is working properly?

Better Now Then Later

The garage door repair Plantation has dealt with situations where a garage door opener has stopped working and a repairman had to be called to get it open again. While nine times out of ten it’s just a matter of going through the front door to get the garage door open, it’s not an option for everyone. Whether it’s clutter blocking the button, the emergency pulley doesn’t work, or any other reason it’s better check the garage door opener now rather than later.

A telltale sign is if it takes a while for the garage door to respond when the button is being pressed. Do you find yourself having to press it multiple times just to get a response from your garage door? Mashing the button over and over until finally the garage door starts to respond only to stop halfway through going up? The issue could be the battery needs to be replaced which is a quick and easy fix.

Fresh Battery, But No Response?

The garage door repair company does recommend replacing the battery regularly on the opener, but what if there is no response? Garage door openers vary from company and brand, so you may have to order a new one if the door is not responding. The issue could be the opener is defective and while it is rare, it’s been known to happen on occasion. In this instance you’ll have to call the company directly to order a replacement and probably pay a small fee to have your current one replaced.

The Issue Could Be the Door

garage door repair PlantationAnother situation we’ve encountered as a garage door repair company is the opener may not always be the problem. The problem could be with the garage door itself like for instance the rollers could be gummed up or the rails could have debris preventing them from working effectively. Other problems with the garage door could be it’s heavily rusted, needs lubrication in moving components, or a part needs to be replaced.

Garage doors are notorious for breaking down at the worst times since they’re built to only last for ten to fifteen years at most. This is directly related to how often a garage door is used each day, for example one that’s open and closed twice a day will normally last ten years. Garage doors that are used three times a day will last only five years, and the number continues to decrease the more often it’s used.

We encourage people to seek out garage door repair services in Plantation if they suspect they are having bigger issues then their opener not working. Garage doors can suffer from many problems that can be anywhere from a part failing to rollers coming off the track. Keep an eye on your garage door and opener and remember to do spot check maintenance every couple of months to keep both working smoothly.


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Upgrading a Garage

No matter what size your garage is, many people use theirs as a storage unit. Whether that’s to store cars, bikes, tools, or old holiday decorations. Eventually, this space becomes neglected and messy over time. With many people being unable to use their garage space as a place to store their cars or motorbikes. Garage Door Repair Hollywood wants to share our tips, tricks, and ideas to upgrade and update your garage space. From simple things as organizing clutter to adding in additional storage space that gets items up and off the floor, we know all the tricks of the trade. So, check out these three ways to upgrade or update any garage space.

Install a Ceiling Storage System

Garage Door Service in HollywoodSo, must of what is in a garage is often stuff no one needs every day but no one really wants to throw away. Things like holiday decorations, old children’s drawings, trophies, old clothes, blankets, and whatever else you might hold sentimental value. Instead of taking up space on the floor or on racks and shelves, consider a ceiling storage system. These are great for things you rarely use or use only around certain times of the year because of the lack of accessibility to these storage units. You can even label the different storage units so you don’t have to spend a lot of time rummaging through them trying to find the Christmas tree topper again.


For all of the other things that you do use on a more regular basis like tools, bike helmets, sporting goods, and anything else, shelves are a great organizing tool. More easily accessible than ceiling storage, shelves still help get clutter up and off the ground, while still leaving those same items accessible. Shelving can be organized into zones to make your garage even more organized. Shelving comes in all different types, from magnetic to wooden to plastic. Whatever you feel works best for you and your lifestyle is the type of shelving that you should install.

Upgrade the Flooring

No one really thinks about their garage floors, let alone what they look like. In fact, some people probably have such cluttered garages that they haven’t even seen the floor since they first moved in. However, just because you can’t see the floors (yet) doesn’t mean that they aren’t there. Polished concrete is a fun, easy, and trendy way to easily upgrade the look of your garage, while still maintaining its functionality. You can also replace the garage floor with a Polyaspartic coating for a clean, durable, and attractive finish. This is ideal for those who spend a lot of time working in their garage for various purposes.

Why These Things Matter

Garage Door Service in HollywoodUltimately, many people don’t really think about their garage. However, it functions serves a very important purpose for many homeowners. Keeping your garage clean and organized can help increase the value of your home. By implementing these organizational strategies, you as a homeowner can help bring life and positive attention to the garage. Not only will your garage be organized and clean, but it will also relieve some of the stress in your life. Always knowing where everything is at any given moment is the best and only way to live. Of course, there are other ways to upgrade and update your garage. One of these is by replacing and updating the garage door. There are many different styles and finishes to choose from, but only you know what is going to look best for you and your home.

At Garage Door Service in Hollywood, we take garages seriously. No matter how big or how small, all garages and garage doors are important to us. Big or small, old or new, we want to help you keep your garage at its best. If you have been having any issues with your garage door, garage springs, or the garage track let us know because we repair all garage doors in Hollywood. It’s never too early or too late to start on some spring cleaning and the best place we think you should start is in your garage space.


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Garage Door ServiceKeeping your garage door running smoothly and efficiently is important for the safety of your family and your ease of accessibility to your home. The garage door is often used as a main entry point. If this doorway becomes un-operational, the frustrations can mount for the home owner. This is why it is so important to make sure all components of your garage door are maintained at all times to avoid any damage that could be caused by worn out or rusted parts. Understanding how damage to these parts can add up to excessive amounts of money and additional damage and repairs gives homeowners the motivation they need to stay on top of important maintenance protocols of their garage door parts. One main problem resulting in large defects is rust on the garage door spring.

Effects of Rust on Garage Door Springs

The more you use your garage door, the more prone it is to need more frequent maintenance. Even top quality garage doors with the most heavy duty parts can be detrimentally effected by rust on the garage door springs. As rust builds up on the metal, the core of the steel coil in the garage door spring becomes weakened. This causes increasing friction upon the up and down motion operation process of the garage door. Over time this friction will result in a garage door spring that will snap in half. This can be a dangerous and costly repair, and all home owners should be made aware of the negative effects that rust can have on their garage door springs.

Preventing Rust from Damaging your Garage Door

Preventing rust from damaging your garage door is simple. You must get in a routine of a proper maintenance protocol at regularly scheduled time intervals. The most effective way to ensure that rust does not build up on your garage door springs is to commit to spraying the coil with WD-40 at least four times a year minimum, but more for garage doors that are used on frequent basis. The lubricant from this valuable chemical prevents the rust from building up, reduces friction, and keeps the springs working smoothly, ultimately keeping your garage door in top working order.

The Importance of Hiring a Qualified Maintenance Company

While simple maintenance techniques such as lubricating the coils are a practical task for home owners to be able perform safely and effectively, certain maintenance that should be performed seasonally should be left to the professionals. Our experienced professionals at our garage door repair Davie Florida are just a phone call away and are equipped with the knowledge and state of the art tools that will be extremely beneficial for protecting your investment. With our premier maintenance plan we help to ensure that small problems are taken care of in a timely manner before they become more costly, larger problems. We will perform a thorough check of the gears, motors, springs, rollers, openers, and the various other small parts that play a big role in keeping your garage operating effectively.

Garage Door Service Davie

Garage Door ProsOur Garage Door Repair Davie technicians are the most qualified in the industry to handle your garage door needs. They are extensively trained and highly qualified in maintaining all necessary certifications. With over 900 Five Star Reviews you can be sure that we can handle all of your garage maintenance and repair needs. Our Davie garage door repair contractors have been in business building their reputation to industry leaders since 2012. Their services are timely and reliable and boast a price match guarantee to ensure you are always paying the lowest price with the highest quality work.

Maintaining your garage door is not something you want to forget about. Rust is one of the most detrimental ailments that can affect how your garage door operates because it erodes the coils. If not treated properly, you could incur very high costs in repairing your garage door. For expert advice our staff is available to help you assess your problem and answer all of your questions. Our estimates are always free, give us a call today to find out about protecting your investment.


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Garage Door Pros is a seasoned and reputable garage door company in Fort Lauderdale. With years of extensive experience, we specialize in garage door installations and repairs. As your premier garage door repair Fort Lauderdale, we also offer complimentary consultations and free service estimates.

We even feature a full line of doors – from traditional wood rollouts to the latest in steel and aluminum units. As always, we are here to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Our professional installers and maintenance personnel are always committed to excellence in all services.

The Most Common Garage Door Questions

Garage Door Repair in Palm BeachWhen it comes to garage doors, we are truly one of – if not – the best repair companies in Fort Lauderdale. We also have the skills and knowledge to answer the following common questions:

  •  Which garage door should I get for my new or existing home?
  • Will the garage door correlate with my home’s décor and alarm systems?
  • Which type of door is best? Wooden, aluminum, steel, rollout, etc.
  • Which type of maintenance and repair services do you offer?
  • Are there cost-affordable options for door and parts replacements, as well as upgrades or updates?

As your garage door repair company in Fort Lauderdale, we understand that all homes are different in design. With this mind, we can help you select the best and most affordable door for your abode. As always, we can program your remote and/or wireless units to coincide with any existing CCTV or alarm systems.

Similarly, we will recommend the best doors that effectively match your home or business’ overall décor and design. At Garage Door Pros, we always feature the best replacement parts at cost-effective rates across the board. Here are also some of the components we inspect and repair for new or existing doors:

  • Garage door springs or rollers.
  • Track and railing.
  • Central motors and sensors.
  • Remote control issues – wireless.
  • Door panel problems and issues.
  • Garage door dents – wood, aluminum, steel, roll-out and other units.

Garage Door Installations and Services

garage door repairs in Fort LauderdaleWhen it comes to garage door repairs in Fort Lauderdale, go no further than Garage Door Pros. In fact, we take the time to explain the problem to you – while offering a range of repairs and solutions. Remember, garage doors need to be fully-functional and operative all day and night long. With this in mind, even the slightest mechanical issue or problem can stop your door from performing. This is why we offer emergency 24/7 garage door services and repairs for all Fort Lauderdale customers. This includes homes, along with businesses and even warehouses and industrial venues.

From springs and rails to tracks and wheels, even the newest door can experience problems due to common wear and tear and erosion. This is why we create a comprehensive checklist that helps us pinpoint and address all problems. In fact, here are some of the main aspects involved in garage door installations and/or repairs:

  • Ensuring your new garage door is fully functional across the board.
  • Making sure your garage door is programmed to correlate with all devices – remote control, wireless control, Smartphone and car-based openers.
  • Ensuring your motor is performing at peak rates – this is the unit responsible for generating power needed to open and close your doors.
  • Sensors should always be in place and functional – they prevent damage to the door if an obstacle is in its opening or closing path.
  • Each panel on your door needs to be perfectly aligned to ensure maximum performance and proper functionality.

Garage Door Pros is a highly experienced company. We love what we do and always get the job done right. From new garage door installations to repairs and maintenance, we are always here to help all our new and loyal customers in Fort Lauderdale. In fact, we are your professional garage door repair specialists – and you never need to rely on expensive contractors ever again!


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Garage door repair MiramarIs your garage door panel showing signs of dents, chipping or cracked paint or damage door sections? Let's face it things happen, doors come off the track, cables snap, and springs get bent permanently out of shape. There could be other setbacks that can turn your day upside down into an issue only resolved with time and money.

This is where we come in. If you have an issue with your garage door panel, getting it looked at or even fixed understandably it becomes our top priority. While your garage door panel is having trouble with broken springs or snapped cables let an experienced technician repair any of your garage door issues. This article talks about the signs you will need to know replace your garage door panel.

We at Garage door repair Miramar specialize in garage door panel repair. We offer efficient service, competitive rates, and customer satisfaction. We guarantee that we can take care of all your garage panel repair needs. We offer a wide variety of repair services to our customers.

Signs replace garage door panel

Broken Springs

Many homeowners have a problem dealing with broken springs that arise from garage doors. The constant wear and tear, lack of maintenance and even the weather can cause the springs to break. Broken springs can even damage an electric opener system if the spring for the garage door is not fixed right away.

Dents and Dings

Many garage doors come in different varieties and make, some are made out of steel, wood, fiberglass, and vinyl. Some homeowners have steel garage doors that can become dented or collect small dings over time. This can greatly diminish the door’s appearance.

Peeling or cracked paint

If you have a wood or engineered wood garage door, it will need to be refinished in order to protect it from the elements. The painted or stained finish can break down over time, which causes the wood to rot. If you find the woodhas cracked, there are holes in your door or moisture has wicked up from the bottom, it is time to replace it.

Snapped Cables

There are a number of mechanisms and different parts which allow a garage door to function properly. You can tell it a snapped cable if your garage door is not opening properly or is not opening at all anymore. If the roller or spring do not appear to be damaged. You’re probably facing a snapped cable or malfunction with it.

Sagging or bent garage door sections

Wood garage doors have a tendency to sag over time if they are not properly maintained. When the door is closed, you’ll see large gaps under the ends of the door. If your door is sagging, we recommend replacing it. Door sections can also be damaged by an automatic opener if they are not adequately reinforced.

So, your garage door is broken or malfunctioning. You’re not sure if you should go with us or one of our competitors. If you’re still unsure of why you should choose us we have a few incentives if you choose us. We will also give you a free estimate on your garage door repair too! So, either way, you get more bang for your buck!

Why It's Important to Keep Garage Doors Repaired

garage door service MiramarAs time progressed those convenient storage areas have become a mainstay all over the world. Each homeowner is able to throw their own unique style on the concept of how a garage is used. Ranging from being an extra bedroom, keeping multiple cars inside, home office, children playroom, music studio, and much more.

Garage doors keep these convenient placed enclosed and safe from the weather. Through wear and tear though and time they can become damaged. Spring can become bent, rollers detached, and doors can even come off the track too. Even a clicking door can malfunction. This is why we provide the best garage door service Miramar. We have been a leader in the industry since 2012.

It’s important to keep your garage door panel repair. When a garage door malfunctions it not only exposes the garage to the outside elements. Intruders can take advantage of it and break in, unwanted pests can get in, and more. We promise to take care of the problem as soon as possible so you no longer have to worry.

So Why Call a Professional?

When you call our talented team of garage door experts, you are getting a free estimate, a quote that will beat any competitors by 10%, and the friendly service everyone expects. We will come out to your home and inspect the door to try to find out the cause of the problem. You will always know what is going on and how much it will cost.

The best part about hiring us is the ease we will bring you. You will find that the company with the best testimonials, the highest ratings, and the most professional service is Miramar garage door service! Calling us is the best decision you can make, so do it the second you even think you may need work!


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Though it may go unnoticed, your garage door opener is one of the most valuable mechanical features in your home. Not only does a properly functioning garage door opener provide a quick and easy access to your home, but it also provides an added security measure for your family. Maintaining your garage door opener to avoid mechanical or other part failures is important to extend the life of your garage door opener. The professionals at Garage Door Pros are your top trusted garage door repair Weston specialists in Florida. If you have a problem with your spring this can be a dangerous job to take on without the proper experience. Our professionals have the expertise that it will take to repair your garage door opener and return it to its brand new operating state.

Garage Door Maintenance

garage door repair WestonProperly maintaining your garage door is imperative for protecting your valuable investment and saving in costly repairs. Some small key steps can help you to avoid larger mishaps. As you are operating your garage door watch it for jerky movements or loud scraping noises, frequently examine all roller brackets and bolts and tighten with a socket wrench if necessary, test the balance to ensure that the garage door is properly balanced, inspect and replace rollers and weather stripping when necessary, always make sure to lubricate moving parts and check the cables, and finally always make sure that the tracks are clear and the auto-reverse safety feature is fully functioning.

Garage Door Spring Common Problems

Your garage door spring is an important mechanism responsible for keeping your garage running in top working order. If there is a problem with your garage door spring, it is important to know that our garage door service in Weston is here to help you with your repair. With extended use, the springs in the garage door can wear down and break. There are several signs your garage door spring is on the fritz. If your garage door goes up only 6” and stops or goes up very slowly when using the garage door opener these are some immediate common signs. If you heard a very loud bang in the garage it is likely that a spring has snapped. Also when an extension spring snaps it is easily identifiable because you will see the spring and cable hanging down or lying on the floor.

Garage Door Spring Repairs

Trying to repair your garage door spring on your own is usually not a good idea. While some think this repair is a quick and easy fix, it is actually a detailed process that requires a trusted professional. If you attempt the repair yourself you are not only imposing a safety hazard as the heavy springs and cables can further snap and cause injury, but you can also create further damage resulting in added costs of repairs. Typically replacing a garage door spring with esteemed company costs between $100 and $200.00. Weston garage door repairs offer premier services with Garage Door Pros who have a great reputation and are highly trusted in their area.

Our Esteemed Weston Garage Door Repair

garage door repair WestonFor garage door service in Weston, Florida, Garage Door Pros should be your first call. Their esteemed professionals are qualified and highly experienced in tackling all of your garage door repair needs. They have been servicing your area and have been an industry leader since 2012.

They pride themselves on services that are timely and effective ensuring that they use the most economical method for your installation, repair, and maintenance so that you can get the most of your dollar. Additionally, they promise to beat any of their competitor’s estimates by 5%.

These qualified professionals have over 900 Five Star Reviews so you can feel confident when you trust them with your valued investment. Give them a call today. They will schedule a free estimate to give you a good idea of what will be needed to get your garage door running like brand new. Their excellent customer service representatives will answer all of your questions and concerns, and you are sure to be completely satisfied with their services. For garage spring repair in Weston, Garage Door Pros are your number one choice.




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