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No matter how practiced you are at doing repairs in your own home, sometimes, you're going to need to get the professionals in. This is especially true when it comes to your garage door. How can you know when you can do a repair yourself, and when to call in the experts? Here's a guide to deciding before you get those repairs done.

Can You Repair It Safely?

The first thing you need to ask yourself is, could you DIY this repair job and remain safe? Your garage door may look unassuming, but there are components that can cause you serious harm if you attempt to work with them yourself.

This is especially true of your door springs. When they're working properly, they're harmless. However, if they come loose or need attention in any way, they could hurt you. The tension behind them means they can cause serious injury, so anyone who touches them needs to know what they're doing. In this instance, a Sunrise garage door repair company are going to be the best people to tackle this repair job.

Check The Obvious Problems First

Some people like to play it safe, and call in an expert if they're not sure what's wrong with their garage door. However, you can end up spending money on call out charges that you could have saved. By spending a little time troubleshooting your door, you could save a lot of money and fix the problem yourself.

For example, if the door isn't opening, the first thing you should do is check the batteries in your door opener. It could well be that they're just dead and they need to be replaced, so you can change them out yourself. It's simple jobs like these that can save you a lot of time.

Cleaning And Maintenance Work

If the work your garage door needs is more cosmetic than anything else, then a lot of the time you can handle that yourself. This includes replacing panels after a storm or removing dirt and grime from the door and the door parts.

If you choose to do this, make sure that you're following the instructions laid out in the handbook carefully. You'll want to ensure that you're not voiding the manufacturer's warranty, so read it carefully before you do anything.

If you're not sure about how to replace a panel or do any similar work, then, of course, it's a good idea to call in Sunrise garage door repair services to handle the job for you.

Repairs After Storm Damage

garage-door-repair-man-300x188Storms can really do damage to your garage door. Hail and falling branches can dent and bend the door, damage the opening mechanism and even stop the door working altogether. After the storm, you need to inspect the door and check whether it's taken any damage.

If you do see the damage, you want to check it out right away. A damaged door can put your home at risk, as it leaves it open to the elements. Especially after a storm, you don't want water coming in, or pests that spy an opening into your previously impenetrable home. There's also home security to consider. If the garage door is broken, it can make it easier for burglars to get inside.

Because of this, it can often be better to call in the experts to make the repairs to your garage doors. You want the repairs done quickly and to a high standard. As a DIY homeowner, you may not be able to get it fixed 100%, and you don't want to take that risk. Plus, a garage door repair may require more construction work than you'd realized. Call in the experts, and ask for their opinion.

Getting That Door Fixed

No matter what's happened to your door, you want to know that it can be repaired. If it's not a simple fix that you can handle safely in a few minutes, then it's something that you want garage door repair Sunrise services to handle for you. Remember, you want to keep your home safe and sound, and that means having a working garage door. If you're ever unsure, call in the experts and they'll handle it for you.


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The weather is one of the major reasons for garage door repair in Tamarac since it can be so damaging to these parts of a house. Garage doors can be made from an assortment of materials, the two main ones being wood and steel depending on the type of garage door you've invested in. Wear and tear is par for the course when it comes to garage doors, but it's always a good idea to prepare yours for the harsh weather conditions that can occur.

Preparing for Humidity

Garage Door Repair in Palm BeachOne of the factors that can call for garage door repair Tamarac is humidity that can degrade a unit over time if it's not kept in check. Installing an insulated garage door will provide ample temperature control from the start and will be a sound investment in the future. Humidity can cause conditions in the garage to deteriorate rapidly like mildew, mold, and property damage if you keep anything stored in your garage. You want to keep the humidity as low as possible so it won't affect your garage door and anything you keep inside.

Circulation throughout the garage is a necessity to keep humid air from staying inside like having a vent installed or using fans to provide sound ventilation. You'll want to remove materials like cardboard every so often that absorbs moisture that provides ideal conditions for mold to grow that can spread. Store possessions in plastic storage containers if you keep anything in the garage to prevent moisture from gathering on it and throwing the windows open to let the air circulate now and again will help.

Fresh Paint & Rust

The garage door repair in Tamarac we provide covers a variety of services from installation to replacing the torsion sprints. Most garage doors are designed to last from ten to fifteen years if the proper maintenance is undertaken each year.

The two main materials used to make garage doors is wood and usually stainless steel since it's able to withstand so much. Wooden garage doors are usually more expensive, but they raise the curb appeal of the homes they're used on. They blend in nicely with most homes, but this also means their maintenance can be cumbersome to keep up with over time. Wooden garage doors have to be given a fresh coat of paint every few years to protect them from the elements.

Stainless steel garage doors are preferred since they require less maintenance and upkeep, and they can be made to look like wood. You do have to keep an eye out for rust though because once it starts it can be hard to stop once it begins. Rust can be stopped by using steel wool and soap and water to clean off for any kind that shows up. You'll also want to apply paint to any areas that are starting to show wear and tear on a steel garage door to provide a layer of protection against it and the elements.

Proper Maintenance

garage-door-spring-replacement-300x225The garage door service in Tamarac we provide is excellent for helping people to maintain their garage doors and ensuring they're able to last. Proper maintenance can go a long way to ensuring your garage door is able to stand up to the elements since it can be easy to put it on the back burner with how busy day-to-day life can be.

Regular maintenance can be doing a visual check of the garage door every three or four months just to make sure everything is working properly. Wiping down the tracks and clearing them of debris is a good example to ensure there's nothing getting caught in the rollers. The other thing to do is to listen to the garage door when it's opening and closing because any screeching or groaning can be an indicator of a major repair that may be needed.


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Professional Garage Door Repairs in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Garage Door Repair in Fort LauderdaleGarage Door Pros is your premier garage door repair company in Fort Lauderdale. With years of extensive industry experience, we have the tools and expertise to repair, service or install any garage door. This includes traditional wooden doors, along with aluminum, steel and roll-out units. Our professional team also offers free repair estimates, along with service quotes for all maintenance and installations. As always, we are committed to excellence in all services and perform thorough inspections to check for damages and mechanical issues. Our highly-dedicated team also offers parts and components replacement, as well as weatherproofing and optimal correlation with CCTV and security alarm systems.

Garage Door Repair in Fort Lauderdale

As your professional garage door service in Fort Lauderdale, we feature expert maintenance and services for all types of garage doors. In fact, we work hard to meet all your needs within time and budget. No garage door repair, service or installation job is ever too big or small, and we are fully certified and insured across the board. Here are some of the services we offer for home and business owners in Fort Lauderdale:

  • Complete inspection services for all types of garage doors – we are able to service and repair door halts, remote control problems and cable line issues.
  • We also service and repair wheels, rods, motors, springs and all garage door parts to ensure maximum functionality and performance.
  • Our expert technicians replace any garage door parts, along with components and accessories for homes and businesses.
  • We seal up the bottom part of the door while ensuring proper weather-proofing for garage doors.
  • Our team can easily program doors to work with existing alarm systems, CCTV, and/or wireless/wired remotes.
  • We ensure your garage door opens and closes properly. We also check door detectors, which are crucial in preventing damages due to obstacles.

Professional Garage Door Repairs and Services

Garage doors are the main entrance and exit ways for many homes and businesses. With this in mind, your door must be fully operable and functional at all times. With cost-effective maintenance and servicing, you are able to protect your investment for years to come. With our certified garage door specialists, we guarantee timely services and will achieve all desired results. Whether for commercial or residential door repair in Fort Lauderdale, Garage Door Pros is truly your seasoned, reputable and professional company. In fact, we continue to receive great industry ratings, along with stellar customer and client reviews. Here are some more benefits of choosing us for all your home or business garage door needs:

  • garage door repair Fort LauderdaleGarage door specialists that ensure timely repairs, services, and maintenance across the board.
  • We repair broken doors, along with installing new doors or salvaging existing units. We also ensure all garage door parts and components are performing at peak rates.
  • We are proud to service all garage doors for homes, businesses, warehouses, malls, shopping establishments, restaurants and more.
  • We offer free estimates, quotes, and warranties on all parts and accessories installed. This includes new sensors, along with springs, rods, links, wheels, motors and much more.
  • As always, we are committed to excellence in repairing, servicing or installing your garage door. We also help you find the best doors suited to meet all your financial needs.
  • One phone call or e-mail is all you need to schedule a no-obligation garage door consultation today.

Why Choose Garage Door Pros?

At Garage Door Pros, we are genuinely committed to helping all our new and existing customers. In fact, we take the time to understand the garage door issues you are facing – along with answering all questions and concern. With cost-affordable prices, all Fort Lauderdale families and businesses are guaranteed the best garage door services in town. As a family-owned company, we simply specialize in restoring your garage door’s functionality and performance. We also utilize a range of techniques to ensure complete safety for opening, closing and preventing obstacles from interfering with your door.

For more information on garage door repair Fort Lauderdale, simply contact us today or visit our website.


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As long as your garage door goes down and up on command, it's easy to ignore it. Yet, this facet of your home's exterior is a vital element of its curb appeal. Therefore, you shouldn't let it look shabby. As a huge part of your house's façade, a clean and beautiful door makes a big difference in maintaining curb appeal.

If you wish to update the feel and look of your home, we recommend you give your garage door a fresh coat of paint to enhance its appearance, provide protection against the elements, and extend its lifespan.

If you find the task is too involving or time-consuming, garage door repair Plantation will gladly offer this service. Here's what you need to know before you undertake this task.

Signs it's Time to Repaint It

Fading Color

fxmzb17hlshhdni-mediumIt's normal for paint to start fading because of the paint's exposure to the sun, rain, and ultraviolet rays. Consequently, your paint's vibrancy will start losing color.

Color loss because of extended UV exposure might not appear like a serious issue. However, sunlight doesn't just affect paint pigments; it affects coatings' molecular structure as well, gradually degrading them.

Consequently, exterior surfaces end up looking washed out and dull; this is an indication of deteriorating paint film. It's important to note that bold, darker tones typically fade faster than light ones.

Since colors fade gradually, identifying the degree of fading can be hard. One way of determining the extent of fading is examining the leftover paint or original sample against the current paint film.

Peeling or Cracking Paint

If you notice any areas of peeling or cracking paint, you need to repaint your garage door. Beware that the areas will continue deteriorating as they're exposed to water, moisture, and the sun's heat. Don't wait too long because you'll increase the likelihood of exposing your door to the elements. Eventually, you'll have to deal with costly repairs.

Water and Mold stains

Mold, water, and mildew stains aren't merely unsightly, they can indicate a much bigger issue and possible health hazard. Fortunately, our qualified professionals at garage door repair company Plantation will advise you accordingly.

The exterior appears dirty and washing isn't helping

Pressure washing can be a good way of removing mold and dirt left from rainy periods and winter months. However, if you notice washing doesn't appreciably enhance your door's look, it might be time for a new coat of paint.

What to Consider when Painting your Garage Door


The paint you select will largely depend on the door's material, which is usually wood or metal. Whichever material your door comprises, you need an exterior paint. To make the task easier, we recommend you use paint with a primer. This way, you can skip the application of a primer coat.

Selecting Your Tools: Rollers, Brushes, or Spray

services-1-550x327-10Brushes are excellent for doors with crannies and nooks to ensure the paint covers the whole door, particularly when dealing with roller doors. They are okay for huge, flat surfaces but are more time-consuming. Furthermore, it can be hard to obtain a smooth and professional finish across the entire surface.

Rollers are perfect for painting doors with huge, flat surfaces, for instance, sectional or panel models. They can cover a huge section in a small period while offering a smooth finish. However, you'll need to use them in conjunction with brushes to ensure you cover edges and cracks.

You'll discover spray applicators are a fast way of applying paint, but they can be costly, wasteful, and messy.

Painting Your Door

Start by painting the areas that won't be visible once you close the door. Once they're dried completely, close the garage door and work on the remainder of the door from top to bottom. Depending on your door, the paint, and the color used, a second paint layer might be necessary.

The second coat should be at right angles to the first coat-i.e. if you painted the first coat using horizontal stripes, you should use vertical stripes on the second one.

While it might seem like considerable work, painting the garage door is essential to maintaining every part of your home clean. Regardless of the type of garage door you own, you can restore it to its initial beauty or even enhance it.

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Garage Door Repair in Palm BeachLike most people, you probably don't think about your garage door springs until a problem arises. While springs perform a simple task, remember, they undergo considerable stress on a daily basis. Consequently, these components have a high likelihood of failing, particularly when they're aged, corroded, or low quality.

These parts are mainly responsible for maintaining the tension necessary for the garage door to lower and lift at a steady speed. At times, it isn't always obvious that they need replacement. Sometimes, subtle signs arise that need a professional from Davie garage door repair to examine your door.

Beware that springs could hold enormous tension, so you shouldn't try to replace them on your own. When handled improperly, they could cause severe injury, so contact Davie garage door repair services instead. Here's how to identify whether your springs need repair or replacement.

Loud Noises

If your door is grinding or making any other noises when it closes or opens, it's time you had the springs examined. Fortunately, our professional technicians from garage door repair Davie will inform you whether they require replacement or repair. The noises could imply the springs are worn out and can no longer support the door's full weight.

The Door is Over 10 Years

Every spring has a shelf life and experts reveal that each must complete approximately 10,000 up and down cycles before giving out. If you use your door at the average rate, it will last approximately 10 years.

If you've lived in your home for over this period without having the springs examined, they probably need replacement. The springs' performance might have declined and it might have gone unnoticed since it has been gradual.

Door Moves Slowly

A number of garage doors feature motors that begin to slow and increase in speed. In case of a broken spring, the door's weight might prevent the motor from attaining its normal speed. If your door feels too heavy for manual lifting, it's best you contact our garage door repair company Davie for spring repair.

Jerky Movement

The function of garage springs is counteracting the gravity force and pulling your door up smoothly and easily. It should be possible to slide it up manually or with the aid of a remote. When the springs start wearing out, they become unbalanced; this could cause jerky movement with your garage door.

Having unbalanced garage doors doesn't automatically mean they need replacement. Instead, our technicians might be able to adjust them to restore their normal functioning. Garage springs become unbalanced through recurrent use and because of temperature changes. Keep in mind that they might need servicing every couple of years to rectify this problem even if you don't need to replace the springs.

Slipping in the Track

Broken Garage door Springs and The Best Way to Approach ItSlipping in the track is another indication of a weak spring. You can conduct a test of the spring's strength by closing the garage door halfway and letting it go. The garage door must stop instantly. In the event that it slides further, it's an indication the springs need a professional evaluation by our repair company.

You'll need to contact us as soon as possible because if a spring pops, it won't be possible to open your door because it will be too heavy to function without a spring, and your vehicle might remain stuck inside.

If you have two springs, it's possible only one will need replacement. When our technicians make repairs, they'll probably recommend the replacement of both springs simultaneously, so they can wear out evenly.

Otherwise, your garage door might become unbalanced and you'll struggle to operate it. The door might also become uneven in case one spring is tighter than the other is. You can prevent these issues by replacing both springs even if only one is broken.

The spacing between the Coils

There are two kinds of garage springs-one kind is mounted on the wall above your door while the other is above the track. You might even have two springs with one on every side of your door. While you mustn't attempt to repair or handle a garage spring yourself, you can inspect the coils visually for damage.

The garage door springs must be wound tight. In case a spring pops, a coil separates, creating a gap. You could also watch for indications of fraying or other apparent damage. You might not be able to identify whether the springs are bad, so you would rather contact a professional to be on the safe side.

It might be tempting to replace your garage springs yourself if the door struggles to close and open due to bad springs. Keep in mind that DIY spring repair can be very dangerous because the door could come crashing down on anything or anyone in its path.


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Garage Door Repair in Sunrise FloridaAfter using your garage door for years, you may start to notice that the door does not open and close as easily as it used to. You may have oiled multiple parts of the garage door, trying to make the garage open smoothly again, but the problem ensues. Now what? If you are experiencing this issue with your garage door, this is likely due to the bad condition of the garage door tracks. Over time, the tracks – which the garage door rollers move on, to open and close – may become rusty or damaged, which can affect the way your garage door operates. For this reason, it is important to take a thorough look at the garage door tracks every once in a while to keep your garage door functioning properly. Here are some things to look for when inspecting garage door tracks.

Look for damage

This is one of the most apparent ways to determine whether or not your garage door tracks need fixing. If the track is bent, broken, or damaged in any way, this can affect the motion of the rollers and, consequently, the motion of the garage door itself. In the case of mild damage, you can manually bend the track straight with a pair of metal pliers. However, this may not be a viable solution for tracks which have been damaged beyond repair. Besides slowing down the motion of the garage door, another problem that arises from damaged tracks is the possibility of your garage door getting off-track.

If one side of the garage door moves faster or slower than the other, this is an indicator of an off-track garage door. Attempting to fix this problem without professional help can be very dangerous and can even lead to permanent damage of the garage door. If you are experiencing these issues with your garage door, contact Garage Door Pros. We are a garage door repair Hollywood company with well-trained experts that can identify and repair damaged tracks safely and efficiently.

Make sure that your tracks do not have excessive dirt or grime on them

As you open and close your garage over time, the garage door tracks will collect dirt and debris from the outside environment. Neglecting to clean the tracks over a period of years can affect the functionality of your garage door. Although simply cleaning the tracks may solve the problem, an excessive amount of dirt can impede the progression of the rollers, which can be harder to fix. This is because it can cause the rollers to be permanently damaged, which can sometimes lead to an off-track garage door. Like damaged tracks, broken rollers are dangerous to fix without the help of a professional. At Garage Door Pros, we offer services to repair broken rollers and improve the functionality of your garage door.

Check the springs

broken springsExtension springs, which are located right above the garage door tracks, can become rusty over time. This problem can be easily recognized since rusty springs emit a loud, disruptive noise and can even completely prevent movement of the garage door. Like other garage door track problems, you should not attempt to fix broken springs on your own in lieu of a professional. With a variety of springs to match every garage door size, Garage Door Pros has some of the best garage door spring repair Hollywood has to offer.

To prevent your garage door tracks from causing issues, it is important to keep these tips in mind when inspecting garage door tracks. However, if you have experienced any of these problems, or other more severe problems with your garage door tracks, and are trying to find Hollywood garage door repair services, look no further than Garage Door Pros.

From replacing snapped cables to repairing overhead failure, we offer a variety of services to ensure that your garage door functions perfectly. Visit our website to view a comprehensive list of all the garage door repairs we offer. Our well-trained professionals and flexible hours will give you peace of mind in knowing that you are receiving quality, top-of-the-line services. With Garage Door Pros, your garage door will be good as new in no time!


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broken springsAn automatic garage door can be a convenient and important part of your daily routine. However, a noisy garage door can be quite an annoyance—it’s not exactly music to the ears. A garage door’s grating sound is the least of your worries, though. If your garage door is making terrible noises when it opens and closes, this probably indicates that there is something more troublesome afoot. Problems that cause a garage door to become noisy can be problems that can affect the functioning of the door, or even shorten the lifespan of the parts that make your garage door open and close!

Our garage door repair services are the best of the best in Miramar, but we know how costly and time-consuming it can be for the busy homeowner to hire a repair service. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to fix your squeaky, grinding garage door problem yourself before you call us. Almost anyone can check and repair some of the smaller issues that cause a noisy garage door, so let’s take a look at some of these problems and their solutions.

Loose Nuts and Bolts

When your garage door is making moaning and rattling noises on its way up or down, the first—and easiest—thing to look for is loose or missing nuts and bolts. Obviously, it’s easy to give a quick look around and see if any hardware is missing entirely. This is an easy fix—simply replace the missing pieces. While you’re at it, use a wrench and socket set to make sure all of the hardware that is in its place is tightened down nice and snug—but not too tight, as this can cause other problems.

We strongly suggest disconnecting the door openers, or at least letting other people in and around the house know that you are working on the garage door so they don’t accidentally open or close it while you’re working on it! It’s also a good idea to have another person with you to help keep things steady and in place. Also, never mess with the hardware around or connected to garage door springs, as this can lead to serious injuries.

Parts That Need Lubrication

garage door repair MiramarLike any mechanical system, a garage door’s opening and closing mechanisms need lubrication. This is a pretty common cause of a noisy garage door, especially if the sound is squeaky or grinding. Usually, when a homeowner thinks of lubricating squeaky metal parts, the first product they think of is WD-40. That stuff can fix anything squeaky, right? Well, sort of. It’s great for your front door’s hinges and stubborn locks, but it’s really not the best for garage doors. In fact, never use WD-40 on your garage door’s parts! Instead, find a lubricant that is silicone or white lithium grease based. Lots of these come in a spray to get those hard-to-reach areas, and they won’t be magnets for dust and other sediments. When all else fails, look for products that say “garage doors” on the label, or ask an employee at your hardware store.

Once you have the right stuff for the job, it’s time to lubricate your door’s protesting parts. Start by cleaning the tracks with a rag, as build-up might be a partial cause for your door to cry out. They don’t need lubrication, but they sure do need to be clean. Next, spray lubricant on the springs, enough so that they’re well lubricated, but not so much that excess is dripping down from them. Steel hinges need to be lubricated next but don’t lubricate anything plastic. Rollers are the next step, but only spray the metal parts; nylon rollers don’t need to be lubricated.

Faulty Springs

As with any other mechanical system that uses springs, garage door springs can fail, loosen, or break. Do a visual check of these springs, but if they’re not in good shape, don’t try to fix them yourself! Springs need to be maintenance by a professional with the tools and know-how to get the job done safely and effectively. We are more than happy to be your trusted in garage door repair Miramar, so feel free to give us a call and we’ll come quietly your door.


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Regularly maintaining your garage door can and will save you a lot of money in the long run. While you can use garage door repair Weston, sometimes you don’t need to shell out the money for a professional. In fact, sometimes all your door needs are a little oil, a tune up, or another simple fix. While we’d normally recommend utilizing a professional for things like replacing your springs or examining them, there are some home fixes you can do safely on your own. In order to keep your automatic garage door working properly here are some tools and parts you can keep on hand to do your own maintenance.


garage door repair WestonAside from using this tool to hammer nails into a wall, get nails out of a wall, and hammering things together, you can also use a hammer for your automatic garage door. A hammer can help you tap misaligned tracks back into place. Misaligned tracks can happen for a number of reasons but typically general wear and tear, along with age, are the most common reasons why this happens.

Tape Measure

Tape measures are great to keep on hand, like the hammer, because they have a variety of different uses. Use a tape measure to measure the length of replacement parts such as weather strips. This will help you to avoid ordering or buying the wrong size parts and pieces.

Screwdriver/Screw Gun

Loose bolts or screws can happen and it’s not an indicator that something is totally wrong with your garage door. Natural wear and tear can cause your screws or bolts to come loose. This is a simple fix and doesn’t require any sort of professional to come and tighten a screw or bolt.


Pliers are great for locking the rollers back into place on the tracks. Additionally, you can use pliers to prop the door open if it’s having trouble staying open or up while you’re trying to do some light maintenance on it.


Often people will call Weston garage door repair services for their creaky garage door under the assumption that something serious is wrong. When in fact, the only thing the garage door needs is a little lubricant. Keep some WD-40 on hand to avoid having to pay for a professional to come out and tell you all you needed was a little lubricant.

1-in Galvanized Roofing Nails

You can use these nails for installing weather stripping. Over time your weather stripping will be stripped. Again, this is totally normal wear and tear and is no cause for alarm.


Sometimes, for whatever reason, your garage door won’t stay open. While you can call a professional, sometimes the fix is something simple and easy for you to do. A 2x4 can help you keep the door propped open while you’re working on it. A somewhat “caveman” style tool but effective nonetheless.

Weather Sealant

garage door tune-upDo you live in an area where there are heavy rains and snows? A weather seal will help to protect various parts and pieces of your garage from the elements. While you can’t avoid normal wear and tear from use and weather, you can help to limit the damage by sealing these specialized parts with a weather sealant.

Spray-on White Lithium Grease

This will help to lubricate the chain in the garage door opener. While the WD-40 is for lubricating other areas of the garage door, this is specifically for the chain. Your garage door is a lot of moving metal pieces which ultimately require adequate grease and oil to maintain their proper functions.

Garage Spring Repair in Weston

Maintaining a working garage is easy and can save you hundreds of dollars in the long run. Taking only about 30 minutes every few months to lubricate and check everything is in working order is a far better investment than replacing your garage door every few years. If you’re unsure about your garage door needs, give us a call. We can help you inspect your garage door and give you advice on how to maintain it long after we’re gone. Call us today to schedule an appointment.




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