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Garage Door Pros is your leading garage door repair Plantation company. We have many years of extensive industry experience, and the tools and expertise to repair all types of garage doors including commercial and residential units, roll-out doors, aluminum, steel and more. Our highly-dedicated team performs detailed inspections for all doors, along with complimentary consultations and free service, maintenance, and installation quotes. Whether for homes or businesses, we can restore your doors to optimal functionality and performance. Similarly, we replace and upgrade garage doors that have simply outlived their shelf lives.

Your Garage Door Experts in Plantation

Your Garage Door Repair Company in LauderhillAs your Plantation garage door service experts, we guarantee timely repairs at affordable rates. We also network with home insurance companies and HOAs to ensure all specifications and discounts are met across the board. Here are some of the services that are part of our comprehensive and cohesive garage door maintenance plan:

  • Repairing damaged garage door wheels, rollers, tracks, and lining.
  • Repairing and replacing parts of your door damaged by cracks due to inclement weather and everyday wear and tear (erosion).
  • Analyzing, assessing, and taking care of all mechanical and electrical issues.
  • Ensuring your garage door unit’s motor, remotes, and sensors are all in working order. This is essential for securing smooth operative doors each day.
  • Correlating your garage doors in Plantation to work with alarm systems, CCTV, wireless remotes/openers and much more.

At Garage Door Pros, our detailed inspections pinpoint and address all problems, including garage door opening and closing issues and control problems. Additionally, we are available for any garage door malfunction emergencies 24/7. As always, our Plantation garage door repair services are certified and guaranteed to restore optimal performance. If your garage doors are not closing or opening correctly one phone call or e-mail is all you need to get your unit back in working order.

Tracks and Rollers

Tracks and rollers are essential for daily garage door operation. However, there are times when wheels fall off the tracks, or tracks themselves get damaged. This can throw the entire door off, as well as affect rollers and even the motor. Similarly, your garage door should be able to open and close manually with the mechanical arm. We will check these components to ensure all is in working order for your Plantation home or business. If a mechanical failure is present, we perform on-site repairs with little to no interruption in your daily schedule.

Plantation Garage Door Professionals

When it comes to garage door service in Plantation, you need seasoned and reputable experts to do the job right. No repair, service, or installation job is ever too big or small, and we are fully certified and insured. Here are a few more services we guarantee for Plantation home and business owners:

  • Signs That You Need Garage Door Services in SunriseRepair or replacement of damaged garage door wheels, rollers, tracks, and lining.
  • Ensure proper weather-proofing and sealants that protect doors from harsh and inclement weather.
  • Repair or replacement of any damaged garage door parts, components, or accessories. All doors serviced: wooden, metallic and even roll-out doors.
  • Full diagnostic tests to determine overall garage door functionality including opening, closing, remote control functions, wireless, correlate with alarm systems, etc.
  • Complete customer service with timely responses to all of your questions, concerns, and requests.
  • 24/7 emergency garage door replacement, repairs, and modifications.
  • Real savings for home and business owners with weekly discounts, promotional specials, rebates, and referrals.

At Garage Door Pros, we thoroughly examine all garage doors to pinpoint any visible or underlying issues. In fact, our preventative maintenance services in Plantation not only protect but also extend the life of your garage doors. Simply contact us today and experience the results!

For more information on Plantation garage door services, give us a call or visit our website.


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Since your garage is an essential part of your home, you need to ensure that this space is safe and secure like all other parts of your home. Your garage door serves to protect your belongings inside the garage from outside elements, such as weather and criminals. Your garage door needs to function correctly at all times for safety reasons. Unfortunately, the garage door is not like any simple door. It has many different functioning parts that all work together to help you raise and lower the door as you need it. One of the most important parts of a garage door are the rollers.

All About Garage Door Rollers

Garage Door Broken RollersGarage door rollers are the most used part of your garage door system. These are small wheels with ball bearings that help your garage door move up and down smoothly and efficiently. Over time, due to wear and tear, they get louder and may cause the garage door to fall off the tracks or cause other serious problems. If it looks like your garage door is having a hard time opening and closing or if you notice that it has gotten noisier, it may be time to replace the rollers.

As our professionals at Garage Door Pros or any other reputable company can tell you, you should have your garage door rollers replaced every time you replace the springs. Ideally, you should schedule regular annual maintenance for your garage door, to catch and fix any issues before they lead to more significant problems. In Florida, garage door maintenance, as well as any other repair and replacement services, are provided by Garage Door Pros - your premier Weston garage door repair company.

Choosing Garage Door Rollers

Once you have established that you need new garage door rollers, it is important to pick ones that best suit your needs. There are many different types of garage door rollers available in the market.

Size of rollers - The first thing to do is to determine the correct size of rollers you need. The best way to do this is to remove one and measure it. However, if this is not possible, you can open the garage door half-way so that the rollers are at eye-level to enable you to take correct measurements. Measure across the width of the roller head with a tape measure. Then measure the shaft or stem attached to the roller. These measurements will help you pick out the correct size rollers for your garage door. Generally, rollers come in standard sizes, but if you need custom-sized rollers, you can contact a reputable garage door company such as our own garage door repair Weston.

The Importance of A Properly Running Garage Door Types of rollers - Along with the size of rollers, you also need to determine the type of rollers you need for your garage door. If you haven’t replaced your rollers in a few years, it is likely you have standard plastic rollers without ball bearings. These rollers typically have a lifespan of just two to three years. They are cheap and commonly used by construction companies for new homes. A better alternative is rollers with steel ball bearings. With lubrication, this kind of roller can last at least five years. You can choose between rollers with seven or ten ball bearings. We recommend, rollers with ten steel ball bearings for smoother door performance.

Additionally, you can find rollers with nylon ball bearings. These provide the most fluid and quietest open and close of your garage door and last for 100,000 cycles of the garage door, which is about ten times more than the standard rollers. These are an ideal choice for many homeowners.

Replacing your garage door rollers is not easy and is best left to the professionals. For replacement of rollers or any other Weston garage door repair services, call Garage Door Pros at 954.830.9661. Based in Florida, we have been an industry leader since 2012. We are proud to provide unparalleled garage door services for all our clients. Our experts are trained, certified, and experienced in all aspects of garage door services, and we would be happy to assist you with any garage door, installation, maintenance, repair, or replacement work.


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garage door tune-upIt can be hard for homeowners to troubleshoot issues with garage doors. After all, they can be complex, and unless you have training in garage door repair, it can be hard to fix them. We recommend you contact a professional from Sunrise garage door repair if you're experiencing issues with your garage door. We can fix the problem quickly and safely.

Your garage door has numerous moving parts that need proper care and at times, replacement. You can replace components like tracks and rollers, but if the springs start going bad, you might sustain an injury when trying to replace them yourself.

Instead, you should watch for signs that the spring might be failing and contact our experts from garage door repair Sunrise to carry out a replacement. Here's a list of signs to watch for.

Aging Springs

Aging springs put stress on your garage door system because of resiliency loss. New springs allow a heavy door to reach an open position using only 10 pounds of force. When springs reach the end of their lifespan, the power needed to lift your door is considerably more.

Another indication of failing springs is when your door opener starts straining as it tries to lift the garage door.

In either case, it's time to consider spring replacement from Sunrise garage door service. Bear in mind that aging springs could break abruptly, and cause your door to shut violently.

Apparent Corrosion and Rust

The lifespan of your garage door depends on how well you maintain it. If you schedule regular maintenance, it's unlikely that corrosion and rust will arise. On the other hand, if you neglect your door, rust and corrosion will set it and start undermining the integrity of the springs.

If you take a couple of minutes to inspect the springs and discover corrosion, there's a high likelihood that spring failure is impending.

Creaking, Popping, and Screeching

When springs start making noises while performing their task, it implies that a breakdown is imminent. You can lubricate the springs which might end the noise temporarily. However, the damage is done at this stage and repair will be necessary.

The Door Opens Unevenly

If your garage door features two extension springs and one side opens faster than the other does, it probably implies that one spring has failed already and the other will fail in a comparatively shorter period.

Once you notice anything suspicious about the manner in which the door is opening, you must call for assistance before somebody gets hurt.

Signs of a Broken Garage Spring

Cables Appear to be Broken

When we get a phone call regarding a broke spring, the first thing homeowners typically say is that they have a broken cable. When a spring breaks cables can appear broken as they will fly in various directions, fall to the ground, and become detached from the door or get caught in between the door jamb and the garage door.

However, it's rare for cables to actually break or require replacement as a result of a spring break. If your door has two torsion springs, the second one should maintain tight cables.

A Loud Bang in Your Garage

When a spring breaks, a considerable amount of energy is displaced. Torsion springs are usually over the garage door, and they feature a shaft that runs through the center. When breakage occurs, the spring unwinds in less than a second and produces a loud noise because of the coils rotating on the shaft.

The Door Goes Up Six Inches and Stops

Fort Lauderdale Garage Door RepairMost homeowners never realize they have a broken spring until they attempt to leave their home. If you push the button on your garage door opener and the door only goes up 6 inches, you have a broken spring. This is caused by an activation of sensitivity or opener force, restricting the opener from pulling the door up. It's actually a good thing when the open force is set off as it avoids any damage to the opener or garage door.

Another scenario is when your door opens very slowly when you use the automatic opener. Some openers feature DC motors that begin slowly and gain speed as they go. If you have a broken spring, the opener might remain in the slower speed because of the door's heavyweight. If this happens, close the door and drag the emergency release. Next, try lifting the door by hand. If it's extremely heavy, you probably have a broken spring.

Everybody's safety in the home depends on the smooth functioning of your springs. Don't overlook the warning signs. Instead, contact the experts at garage door service sunrise for a prompt and effective solution.


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garage door repair MiramarGarage door security is one of the most important things to consider when you want to protect your vehicle, your home, and your family. Garage doors are popular points of entry for intruders, and if you don’t have your Miramar garage door serviced and functioning correctly, you are increasing the risk of burglary at your home.

Criminals use several methods to break into vulnerable garage doors, but there are steps that you can take to minimize the risk and have peace of mind when you are in or even away from your home.

The following are the top ways that you can keep your home safe, as explained by the best garage door repair Miramar.

Keep Your Door Shut

This one might seem obvious, but it’s actually quite surprising to find that many people don’t follow the most basic garage door security premise of all.

Always keep your garage door shut unless you are working in the garage, or directly in sight of it. An open garage door immediately makes your home a target, and it only takes seconds for an opportunistic criminal to take advantage of an open door when you aren’t looking.

Consider an Automatic Timer

Miramar garage door serviceAn automatic timer for your garage door can help to provide a layer of security, even if you forget to lock the door yourself. You can purchase timers online that can be easily retrofitted to existing systems, or, you can talk to a Miramar garage door service for installation of a garage door opener that includes an automatic timing feature.

Tint Your Windows

One way that you can make your home less of a target is to have your garage door windows tinted or frosted. Criminals will look inside garage windows to determine whether there is anything of value inside. Tinting your windows is a cost-effective way to reduce the chance of your home being targeted.

Alternatively, simply install curtains or blinds on your garage windows to block outsider’s views while still letting in natural light.

Keep Your Remote with You

Leaving your garage door opener in your car is dangerous and sadly all too common. A criminal that breaks into your car can easily locate your address and then use your garage door opener and maybe even your own vehicle to burglarize your home.

Always keep your garage door remote on your keychain and keep your keys on you. This eliminates any chance of your remote falling into the wrong hands.

Install a Lock If You’re Going to Be Away from Home

Consider a manual lock for your garage door if you are going to be away from home for an extended period. This is useful for when you are traveling, and a Miramar garage door service can recommend a manual lock that can quite literally stop your garage door in its tracks until you remove the lock.

Use Miramar Garage Door Service to Keep Your Door and Motor Maintained

Damaged doors, or even garage door motors that aren’t functioning correctly could make it easier for criminals to break into your garage. If you’ve noticed any kind of problem with your garage door, whether it is not closing properly or even if it is starting to sag, it’s best to call a garage door repair company in Miramar to fix the problem and ensure that your door is fully secured.

There are telltale signs from the outside that opportunistic criminals will use to target your home. Don’t give them a reason to take a closer look.

Talk to the Garage Door Repair Miramar Experts

Don’t leave anything up to chance when it comes to the security of your home and your family. Garage Door Pros has the best Miramar garage door service to give you complete peace of mind when it comes to garage security. We offer sales, repair services, installations, and maintenance for all garage doors.

Follow these basic steps for security, and always trust the Miramar garage door service experts when you need repairs or modifications to make your garage door as secure as it can be.


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Broken garage doors are a security and safety hazard in your home. At Garage Door Pros we believe that knowing how to recognize broken pieces on your garage door is a useful skill. When you can identify a broken part on your garage door, you can give us a call right away so that we can fix it for you and make your home safe and secure once more.

In order to recognize a problem with the garage spring, you must first know what a torsion spring is. Compared to extension springs or compression springs that involve pushing and pulling forces, a torsion spring operates with a twisting energy impetus.

broken springsTorsion springs are most often used for a hinge, to balance weight on opposite sides or ends, or as lever returns. They differ in size from those used in a mousetrap to those used for a 150-pound garage door. Most torsion springs and are made from stainless steel or music wire.

Regardless of their manufacturing material, torsion springs are made to return to their original position after being twisted. However, their ability to do this can be limited if the spring is rotated too far.

It is essential to use springs made by experienced manufacturers so that you can be confident the spring will do the job it was designed and built for. A broken or faulty spring is the last thing we at Garage Door Pros want our customers to have to deal with, especially on their own. We suggest monthly inspections to ensure your garage door and springs are functioning securely and safely. The following are indicators that something may be wrong with the springs in your garage door.

A door that refuses to open is a clear warning sign that the door needs further attention. There are a number of reasons why a garage door may not be opening. The most simple and easy to correct is when something is obstructing the tracts, and it simply needs to be removed. Another reason your garage door may not want to open is due to a broken or askew cable. Lastly, a door that will not open can mean a broken spring. Any time you encounter a problem with your garage door; please consult the experts at Garage Door repair Fort Lauderdale so that the problem can be safely and accurately diagnosed.

Another thing to look for is wear or damage to the spring itself. You can observe this by standing inside the garage with the door closed. Look to see if the springs are visibly worn. Check to see if there is any unusual spacing in the spring. Look to see if the springs are stretched out or elongated, this may indicate a loss of tension. Next, switch off the automatic opener after the door is closed and verify whether you can manually open the garage door. Healthy springs, in good working order, will enable you to manually lift the door with relative ease, little resistance, and all the way up. Can you manually lift the door? Does it lift easily? Will it open all the way? A negative to any of those points could be cause for concern or at least justification for closer inspection by a professional.

Broken Garage Door Roller RepairThe last test you should perform for an automatic opener is a force setting test. When the garage door is completely open, use either the wall button or the automatic closer to close the door. As it closes, stand by the door and hold out your hands. All doors made after 1993 have a safety feature which should automatically reverse the direction of the door when it comes in contact with your hands. If the door has difficulty reversing or simply continues to close, remove your hands right away and give Garage Door Pros a call. An issue like this indicates a problem with the safety feature or the springs.

After you have thoroughly checked the springs, make sure also to check the door springs, the mounting hardware, pulleys, cables, and rollers for any signs of damage or wear. Remember, just because a spring may appear to be in good condition does not mean that the other parts are not damaged, and continued use can put stress on the overall function and health of the door.

No matter what problem you may be experiencing with your garage door, Garage Door Pros is here to help you. Don’t wait until your garage door has stopped functioning altogether. Give us a call today!


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Garage Door Pros is your garage door repair Tamarac. With multiple years of extensive industry experience, we have the tools and expertise to install, service, and maintain all types of residential and commercial garage doors. From garage door rollers and tracks to sensors and motors, we ensure all parts and components are in working order. Additionally, we weatherproof your garage doors to prevent damage and program remotes. Our highly-dedicated team offers free consultations and estimates, along with cost-affordable garage door maintenance plans.

Tamarac Garage Door Repairs Done Right

Your Garage Door Repair Company in LauderhillAt Garage Door Pros, we are committed to excellence in all garage door repairs and services. In fact, this is our passion, and we always do the job right. Our team also offers vital garage door repair tips, including but not limited to:

  • Ensuring your door has all the right parts and components for optimal functionality and performance – rollers, tracks, wheels, sensors, openers.
  • Preparing your doors for inclement weather and common wear and tear.
  • Ensuring your door’s sensors are fully functional to prevent it from opening or closing if obstacles are present – garbage cans, recycling bins, bicycles, etc.
  • Ensuring your garage door motor and openers are working correctly as garage doors are the main access for many homes and businesses and it is important that they be fully operable at all times.
  • Ensuring your door is appropriately sized, along with optimal correlation with your home’s décor, design, and specifications.

Garage Door Service in Tamarac

With garage door service in Tamarac, you get competitive prices and quality work. No installation, service or maintenance job is ever too big or small, and we are fully certified and insured. When it comes to garage doors, you need professionals to ensure correct installation and maintenance. This protects your long-term investment while providing longevity and performance for years to come. At Garage Door Pros, we have successfully installed and serviced countless doors for residences and businesses across Tamarac. We continue to receive great reviews and remain committed to meeting the needs of all new and existing clients.

The Garage Door Pros Guarantee

At Garage Door Pros, we always perform a detailed inspection of your garage door and can repair all the problems listed above. Additionally, we will check to see if your current doors can be salvaged and perform any necessary repairs or modifications. If we cannot fix the problems we find, we do specialize in new door installation as well. Remember, your garage doors must be fully functional day and night to ensure the right security for your property. We can even program your door to correlate with any CCTV or alarm systems. Whether for homes, businesses or warehouses in Tamarac, Garage Door Pros is truly your source for the best – and most affordable – garage door repairs and services.

These are some of the components we take care of with expert and affordable services:

  • Free Estimates for garage door repair in Broward CountyProfessional and affordable garage door repairs for all Tamarac homes and businesses. This includes stopping door halts, along with fixing remote-control problems and replacing all cable lines, wheels, motors, rods and much more.
  • Our professional technicians can easily replace parts, components or accessories that have malfunctioned.
  • Comprehensive door security and refortification services.
  • Sealing of the bottom parts of the door for additional security and weatherproofing.
  • Programming doors to correlate with existing or new alarm systems, CCTV, and wired/wireless remotes.
  • Complete inspections of all garage door parts, structures, and components to ensure proper functionality, security, and performance.

Whether for new garage door installations or repairing existing ones, we are just a phone call or e-mail away. At Garage Door Pros, we are proud to be your premier garage door company in Tamarac. We are equally as passionate about repairing and salvaging garage doors as well!

For more information on garage door repair in Tamarac, simply contact us today or visit our website.



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Your garage door is one of the most important parts of your home. When it's working smoothly, you'll never have to think about it. However, when something goes wrong, you'll need to have it fixed quickly. Here's what to look for when you're taking care of your garage door, and how to get it fixed when you need to.

Common Garage Door Issues

Davie garage door serviceThere are several common issues you may come across when you have a garage door. Here are some things that you should be aware of and keep a lookout for:

  • Broken springs: The springs in your garage door work hard, and you put stress on them every day just by using your garage door. If your garage door won't open, it could be that the springs are broken or worn out. Take a look at them if this happens. If there's a lot of slack in the springs, they won't be able to provide the tension needed to open the door.
  • Dead batteries: If you have an automatic garage door opener, it could simply be a dead battery causing all the problems. The batteries in your transmitter can last for years, so of course, it will catch you off guard when they die. Try changing the batteries to see if that fixes the problem.
  • Broken or misaligned track: The track is what your garage door moves along when it opens and closes. If your door is struggling to open and close, it could be a problem with the track. Inspect the track to ensure there isn't any damage, or that it isn't misaligned. It's very easy for this to happen, especially during stormy weather.
  • Blocked photo-eye: Most automatic garage doors come with a reverse setting, which makes the door stop and change direction if it senses something is in the way. If this is happening and nothing is in the way, then the photo-eye may be blocked. Check that nothing is sitting in front of it and that it's not dirty.

DIY vs. Professional Repair

If there is a problem with your garage door, what are you going to do? Some people will happily try to fix it themselves, while others don’t want to touch it and instead call a Davie garage door service to help. Both can be sensible options, but you do need to know which is reasonable when it comes to your garage door.

garage door springs DavieWhen you first notice a problem, it's a good idea to run some initial troubleshooting with your door. Check that nothing obvious is stopping your door from working, such as dead batteries, blocked photo-eye, or misaligned tracks. If it's a smaller issue, such as the blocked photo-eye for example, you can handle the fix yourself.

Find a good troubleshooting guide and work through it, ensuring that you're trying everything on it. Nine times out of ten, it'll be something straightforward that you hadn't noticed at first that's causing the problem. If it's safe and easy for you to do so, there's no reason why you can't complete the repair yourself.

However, in some cases, you may want to call in that garage door repair company. Some garage door issues are unsafe for you to try and repair on your own. For example, if the garage door springs Davie are worn out or broken, you don't want to attempt the fix. This is because there's still a lot of pressure behind those springs, and if you're not an expert in removing them, you could cause yourself serious injury. In these cases, it's always better to call someone with experience.

Either way, it's quite simple to handle repairs on your garage door, and if you maintain it properly, you shouldn't run into too many problems. Take care of your door, and you should rarely have to deal with repair issues.

These are some common issues with a garage door that you should be ready for, and when they happen, you'll see there are some easy fixes. If the problem is more complicated than you first thought, you can always call in a local repair company to handle it for you. Between your own troubleshooting and the repair company, you should be able to handle any problems with your garage door.




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