5 Signs It’s Time for Garage Door Service in Davie

As the most important entry point to your home, your garage deserves some extra attention when it comes to maintenance and upgrades. You use your garage daily, so it should come as no surprise that problems can eventually develop. While you may only need to replace your garage door once throughout the lifetime of your home, service should be a much more regular thing. We recommend yearly inspections to prevent damage and failures.

As a responsible homeowner, you want to recognize the signs that it’s time for garage door service in Davie. Here are five sure giveaways that you need to contact a local technician.

1. Your Garage Door is Producing Excess Noise

Noise is a dead giveaway that it’s time for Davie garage door repair.

While even the best garage door systems produce some noise when opening and closing, it should never be excessive. The newer the model of your garage door opener, the quieter it will be, but you will still hear a slight whirr from the motor and some mechanical noise as the door raises or lowers on its tracks.

It is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the standard operating noise of your system, so it will be easier to tell when something has gone wrong. Grinding, squealing, and knocking sounds are all signs that you need to call a Davie garage door repair contractor. Don’t ignore the warnings, as failing to address a problem early can result in catastrophic failure, costly repairs, and additional maintenance in the future.

2. You Aren’t Confident with Your Current Security Features

Security is a key aspect of your garage door system. With your garage being a primary entry point for your home, any shortcomings in security can result in break-ins and burglary. Older garage doors use fixed frequency radio devices that knowledgeable thieves can easily hack.

Did you know that the garage is one of the three most common entry points for home invasion?

With garage door service in Davie, you can upgrade your security features to give you peace of mind whether you are inside or away from your home.

3. Your Garage Door Lacks a Battery Backup System

The Atlantic hurricane season comes with a risk of frequent power outages, and when your door doesn’t have a backup system, you can lose primary access to your home. At best, you’ll need to open and lower the door manually, which can be tedious or even dangerous in adverse weather conditions.

You can have a garage door battery backup installed so that your system remains secure and convenient, even during an extended power outage. A Davie garage door repair contractor can make the best recommendation based on your system and personal needs.

4. You Want an Outside Keypad for Convenient Entry

Modern garage door openers often come installed with exterior keypads to provide remote-free access at any time of the day. While most options use pin codes for access, there are now more secure solutions that use fingerprint scanners for remote-free entry.

When you want to add convenience to your home, with access for the whole family, an outside keypad is an ideal solution. This is a relatively low-cost investment that will significantly improve the usability of your garage door.

5. Your Door Was Installed Before 1993

Garage door openers are now safer and more reliable than ever before. Unfortunately, this wasn’t always the case. Garage door openers installed before 1993, lack many of the modern safety and reliability implementations that today’s homeowners take for granted.

Doors without a safety reverse mechanism, create a heightened risk of personal injury or vehicle damage. In fact, in December of 1992, the United States Safety Commission published final rules for automatic garage door openers that updated the entrapment protection requirements for all door openers manufactured after January 1, 1993.

Installing a new garage door opener brings your home up to spec and helps keep everyone safe.  You will rest easy knowing that your garage has fail-safes in place to prevent injury to people and pets. These safeguards also protect your vehicle from damage.

A professional Davie garage door repair company can recommend a cost-effective replacement system that meets all modern safety and efficiency standards.

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