Broken Garage Door Roller Repair

Garage Door Broken Rollers

No Exit

It’s something of a nightmare scenario: you’re rushing out to your car–on the way to work or to drop off your kids or make it to an appointment or whatever the case may be–only to find that you can’t open your garage door. Pressing the button on your automatic remote, the door starts to make its usual noises, but the door doesn’t budge. Try to open it manually and still, not moving an inch.

So what gives?

The problem in this situation is likely that one of your door’s rollers managed to snap off and is not where it’s supposed to be, allowing your door to roll up and down smoothly as you enter and exit your garage. There are a variety of reasons your garage door’s rollers can malfunction and stop working properly, from lack of maintenance to general wear and tear after years of functioning properly. Not to worry though. Garage Door Pros is here to help.

Smooth Transitions

Our experts at Garage Door Pros are certified and skilled in all aspects of garage door installation, repair, and maintenance. Whether your door is having trouble opening, can’t open at all, or your last attempt to open it took the entire door out of its frame (which can happen with broken rollers), we’re the professionals who can fix it at the best prices.

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