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When you have a new garage door installed, you can expect them to keep going for years and years without needing serious work. Like all machinery though, every now and again the door may start to malfunction. There's no need to worry though, as most issues can easily be resolved. Here are two reasons why your garage door might be malfunctioning, and how you can resolve the issue.

1. There's A Software Or Connectivity Issue

Davie garage door repair servicesModern garage doors, installed in the last 15 or 20 years, use software and equipment that can become interrupted. This leads to malfunctions as the signals the door is receiving aren't correct. Luckily, most of these issues are easily fixed. Here's what can happen when these components have issues:

  • The photo eye is blocked: The photo eye on your door fires a laser across the bottom. If that laser is interrupted, it won't allow the door to raise or lower, to ensure your safety. Check the cord to the eye hasn't been damaged, or that there's no dirt blocking the eye.
  • Sensitivity isn't set correctly: If the sensitivity of your door is set too low or too high, then it will not open. Check the manufacturer's instructions, and reset your sensitivity to fix this.
  • The remote control won't work: If it's just the remote that won't work, then there are several fixes you can try. Firstly, try changing the batteries. If that doesn't work, the antennae on the motor may be damaged, so check that. If these don't work, you may need to reprogram the remote itself.
  • The limit setting needs adjustment: If your door shuts but then pops open again, it may need the limit setting adjusting. This happens because the door is set incorrectly, so it thinks it's hit an obstacle rather than the ground. Use the manufacturer's instructions to reset this.

2. There's A Mechanical Issue

The garage door is made of many moving parts, so sometimes things will go wrong. Here are the most common problems:

  • The power source is interrupted: It sounds obvious, but this can happen when the door is disconnected. Check there's power in your garage, and that the door is plugged into the power source.
  • The torsion springs are broken: You'll know if a spring breaks as it makes a loud noise, like a gunshot or firework. If this has broken, it's best to call a Davie garage door repair company to help you get the springs fixed.
  • Garage door cables have snapped: This is another common problem and often happens when the torsion springs break. Again, the best way to fix this issue will be to hire a Davie garage door repair contractor to fix the issue.
  • The door has come off its track: If the door isn't properly on the track, then it won't slide properly. This can happen if you've suffered a recent storm, and the door has been hit by heavy rain, hail, or debris. Check for dents of bumps in the door, and listen to it when it opens, to see if it's squeaking or creaking. If you can find the dents, it may be possible to gently tap them out to rectify the problem.
  • The door is locked: Again, this sounds obvious, but it can be what's wrong. After all, the simplest solution is often the correct one. If the motor is running but the door won't open, check that it isn't locked. If it is, it's an easy fix.

Hiring A Professional

If you aren't able to fix the issue by yourself, it's not a problem. You can hire Davie garage door repair services to come in take a look at your door, and repair the issue for you.

This is often a good idea if you feel the repair job is out of your skill set, or if you're not sure how to mend the door yourself. They have the expertise to help you get your garage door working again when you need it the most.

If you need help with your garage door, give us a call at Garage Door Pros. We'll have you up and run again in no time.


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garage door repair services in MiramarNo one gives it much thought, but as the biggest entrance way into your home, your garage is very important. They are crucial in keeping out unwanted pests, animals, and burglars. Your home and your things are in jeopardy the moment that garage door breaks or stops working.

High winds can knock around garage doors and prevent them from going up and down because the gusts pop it off of its tracks. This is dangerous, and fixing it should not be attempted by a novice. Garage doors are heavy and dangerous, and if not dealt with properly, you could be injured and they could be damaged permanently. Don’t worry, it is one of our specialties - leave it up to the garage door repair company!

If the wind blows the door around too hard, it can result in broken springs or snapped cables. Broken springs and cables can happen a number of ways for different reasons too, but fear not, our technicians are well-equipped to deal with such problems. Not only do we repair the physical issues, but we even fix technical concerns too. If a motor short-circuits or a clicking door opener malfunctions, we have got your back. By providing newer products that save energy, we will help you save money.

Other issues with your garage doors are possible too. Smashed in doors, dents and breaks, broken locks and gears, etc. have all happened, so trust us; we have already seen it, and have the parts to fix it.

The garage door repair company’s 24/7 guarantee

But what if the garage door malfunctions or breaks on a weekend? Or at night before bedtime? Luckily, the garage door repair services in Miramar have an “emergency” hotline where we will take your call 24/7. We are known for our prompt and thorough service, and will get you taken care of as soon as possible!
No matter what kind of tragedy strikes, we have got you covered. Garage doors are heavy and can be incredibly dangerous if not handled properly. Wait for our certified staff members to arrive as they are trained for it in a safe and efficient manner.

Your calls do not always have to be regarding an emergency fix either – we also install and maintain your garage doors.

The garage door repair company likes savings!

garage door repair services in MiramarOur customers are important to us and we want to help them where we can. We are proud to be a company that saves our customers money. We gladly offer free estimates! We will come look at the damage and give you a quote free of cost – with no obligations – so call and make a free appointment today.

But if you get a written estimate from a competing company that is lower than the one we gave you, we will lower our price and promise to beat it by 10%! We provide fast and safe services to our customers along with a free estimate and a price-match guarantee.

Go online and take a look at our customer review page to see what our other customers have to say about us. The Miramar garage door repair has over 900 5-star reviews from our customers! As a leader in the garage door industry since 2012, we pledge to meet all your needs and take great care of you.

The biggest reason why your garage door remote isn’t working

The most important key to preventing door damage is maintenance. If you see a small issue, do not let it go until it becomes something far bigger. Replace the rusty springs before they rust through and break. While it may cost some money to replace the springs, it is a small price to pay if the door would come crashing down on your car or pet, causing huge amounts of damage and injury. Thankfully though, the garage door service in Miramar makes it a priority to fix any problem garage door related, technical or otherwise.
But why won’t your garage door opener work? The three most common reasons are: dead remote batteries, a bad connection between the remote and the garage door opener, or a misdirected laser beam.

When people look to purchase a house or an apartment, a garage certainly has an appeal to it.  No one wants to park their nice car out in the elements and expose it to the weather and rust.  The garage keeps you warm when you walk to your car in the cold and keeps you dry when it is raining.  The extra storage space is a big plus as it could act like a storage unit, and it alleviates parallel and curb-side parking on the street.  Garages have so many more uses, too – they can serve as another bedroom, an office, a game room, etc.  Carports are nice, but they are just not the same thing, and they do not provide the protection that actual garages do.

garage door repair services in MiramarBut seriously, who even gives garage doors a thought?  They are crucial when it comes to keeping your things safe, guarding against intruders, and keeping away large animals.  They are such important parts of a house, but no one seems to realize it.

If you are old-fashioned, your garage door goes up and down manually.  Each time, you have to get out of your car and close the door behind you.  This is time-consuming and just plain irritating.  If you have modernized, however, your garage door is operated by remote – with the simple press of a button, the door goes up and down at your command.  Both, in themselves, can pose some safety risks since your remote could get stolen or the lock could be jimmied or broken on a manual door.

Either way, if a garage door is broken or is not functioning as it should, you have a big problem on your hands.  Intruders are liable to waltz into the garage, wild animals may come to explore, and it will let in the elements like rain, snow, or sand.  But whatever the case may be, if the garage doors are in some way damaged, the garage door repair services in Miramar can help.

What can the garage door repair company do for you?

Our 24-hour hotline allows you to call anytime, day or night, to report your “emergency.”  We operate 24/7 to ensure that you are properly taken care of and are not just “left hanging.”  Once we take your call, we will get a crew out to the site as soon as possible.

Garage Door Repair Service in MiramarIs your garage door not going up and down because it is off of its tracks?  This is dangerous, and fixing it should not be attempted by a non-professional.  Wait for some assistance.  Garage doors are heavy and dangerous, and if not dealt with properly, you could be injured and they could be damaged permanently.  So don’t worry, it is one of our specialties - leave it up to us.

Broken springs or snapped cables are even more common problem for garage doors.  These can happen a number of ways for several different reasons, but fear not, our technicians are well-equipped to deal with such problems.
Not only do we repair the physical problems, but we even fix technical issues too.  If a motor short-circuits or a clicking door opener malfunctions, we have got your back.  By providing newer products that save energy, we will help you save money.

Other issues with your garage doors are possible too.  Smashed in doors, dents and breaks, broken locks and gears, etc. have all happened, so trust us; we have probably already seen the likes, and have the parts to fix it.

Why choose us for your garage door repair in Miramar?

Garage Door ProsWith our 24/7 available hotline, you never have to worry about being stranded with a broken door or inaccessible garage for very long.  It is also our goal to save you money, too.  We offer free estimates!  We will come take a look at the damage and give you a quote for free – with no obligations.  And if you get a written estimate from another company that is lower than the one we gave you, we will lower our price and promise to beat it by 10%!  Just like you, Miramar garage door service is into savings.

Still not convinced?  Go check out our customer review page and see what our other customers have to say about us.  As a leader in the garage door industry since 2012, we promise to take very good care of you.

What is not to love about Miramar garage door repair?

Our certified staff is trained to do the job in a safe and efficient manner as we install, fix, and maintain your garage doors.  We provide fast and safe services to our customers along with a price-match guarantee.  And we have over 900 5-star reviews from our customers!


Hollywood Garage Door Service

Having a functioning garage door is a basic necessity for virtually everyone in Florida. It’s particularly important when the yearly storms head to town, and if you have internal access from your garage, you’ll want to be sure that your door is always ready to operate when you most need it. Of course, there are times when problems can occur, which is why you’ll always need to have the number to a leading garage door repair company on hand.

One thing that can lead to necessary repairs, and it’s also something that many owners worry about, is how many support struts should be used on a garage door. If this is something that has been on your mind, then the team at Garage Door Pros is here to shed some light on the matter.

Are There Enough Support Struts on Your Garage Door?

Hollywood garage door serviceWithout a single support strut, your garage door would simply bulge and fall apart. Struts are essential, because they keep everything in line whenever your garage is being raised and lowered. Struts are typically made from steel to offer excellent support and lifetime, but it is possible to find aluminum used in some installations. While aluminum can provide enough support for lighter garage doors, it is typically softer and more prone to bending and failure.

The number of struts on your door will depend entirely on weight. It’s impossible to tell you how many struts you will need, without first examining your door, the materials used, and its raising/lowering mechanism. However, we can tell you that heavier doors made from wood and metal can sometimes need up to two support struts per panel. If you have a heavy garage door that has only a single strut on panels, then you could be in for sagging problems in the future.

If you’re ever concerned about your door, then it’s time to talk to our Hollywood garage door service experts. One telltale sign that you don’t have the right kind of support, is when you are having difficulty opening or closing the garage, there is visible sag, or the ‘smoothness’ of the opening mechanism has deteriorated since the garage door was installed. In some cases, you may even see obvious damage to the struts or your garage door. Poorly designed struts or struts that weren’t designed to meet the weight requirements of your door panels, will display signs of bending or warping. They may be coming visibly loose at their mounting points, or they may even rattle or move when you gently check them by hand.

Although these problems aren’t a 100% confirmation that you have too few struts, they will still let you know that it’s time to call a garage door repair company to make sure that your door is in good working order, and protected from future damage or failures.

Finding the Right Hollywood Garage Door Repair Company to Service Your Garage Door

garage door repair companyIf you’re like most homeowners, then any time that you need a business to perform maintenance or repairs at your home, you will always make sure that you’re getting the best possible company. It doesn’t matter whether it’s an air conditioner repair service, tree removal or landscaping service, or a Hollywood garage door service, this statement remains true.

If you’re looking for experts in the Hollywood area of Florida, then it’s time to talk to Garage Door Pros. Although we’re a relatively young company, we’ve quickly become a trusted industry leader. In the past five years, we’ve gained plenty of recognition and positive customer feedback for our garage door repairs, servicing, and installations in South Florida.

Determining the number of struts that you need is all about expertise, just like any other problem that you might be experiencing with your garage door. We bring that expertise to every job that we attend, so that you can have accurate advice and necessary repairs for any problem. Whether those problems are electronic, mechanical, or even related to a poor installation, we’ll have the right solutions and experience to ensure that you are left with a fully functioning garage door, and one that is at a reduced risk of failure in the future.

Contact our garage door repair company for any of your garage door problems, and we’ll ensure that one of your home’s most valuable assets is always in top working condition.



Let’s face it, you can fix anything in your home from the kitchen sink, all the way to the patio, but when it comes to the garage door, it’s kind of like that behemoth you can never quite conquer. It is a bit complex, and if you want to keep it in good condition, you will occasionally need to call upon a garage door repair specialist. There are several things that can go wrong with your garage door which include:

  • Track Failure: Occasionally, something can go wrong with your garage door track whether it becomes loos, or if the track itself becomes damaged. This will affect the door itself and perhaps make it impossible for the door to raise. Not only is it inconvenient, it also becomes a safety issue as the door could potentially fall either in your vehicle, or on an individual in the garage.
  • Mechanical Failure: Every garage door, assuming it is powered, features a motorized control box which allows the door to be lifted automatically. In order to properly repair this you will need a Cooper City garage door repair company in order to make sure all of the mechanical problems are fixed, and that it will remain functional for the foreseeable future – this is more important than you might think at the moment. After all, the last thing you want is to deal with constant repair bills.
  • Sensor Issues: Your garage door makes use of a sensor to help ensure that the path is clear before the door can close. If anything happens to go wrong with these sensors the door will either fail to close, or it will become extremely unsafe, both scenarios being undesirable. That being said, there is a lot for you to consider when it comes to proper maintenance.

Garage Door Repair Specialists

There are many other potential problems that we have not covered but the bottom line is simply that you are going to need a good garage door repair service if you want to keep your door up and running for the foreseeable future. Don’t worry, in that area, we’ve got you covered.

A Family Owned Company

First of all, we may be a top rate Cooper City garage door repair contractor, but we are also a family owned company which separates us from much of the competition. In addition to being family friendly, we offer reliable prices, and we are a fully insured company. Along with that, we hold a 5 star rating with the Better Business Bureau, meaning we have, and will continue to offer a high level of customer satisfaction.

To us, the most important thing is being personable and explaining the process in a way that our customers can understand. In the tradition of helping our customers out however, we offer value that the competition simply cannot! Every month, we provide promotions that will help to address the needs of our customers, and ensure you get the lowest price around. That’s our promise, and that is our mission – a great service, at a great price that will keep you coming back again and again.

The Service you Need, the Company you Can Trust

The bottom line, is that at some point you are going to need a garage door repair company to address your door related needs. The garage door is the entryway to your home, and it is instrumental in keeping your garage safe. Whether you are protecting your car, or protecting the entryway to your house, the garage door can be a serious weak point That being said, it would be within your best interest to make sure you address the problem ahead of time. Don’t wait to make sure your garage door is in good condition and that it will continue to work! Make sure you are constantly looking for potential problems and most importantly, make sure you are calling the right people. We have your best interest at heart, and we have the tools to make sure your door works.

Maintaining your home is important and the garage is a key part of your house. The part of your garage that will most frequently need to be replaced is the door. Your garage door will significantly impact how your garage looks and getting it replaced by an established company has its benefits.

Below are five benefits to hiring Garage Door Pros for garage door repair services.

  • Add value to your house: If you get that garage door repaired and replaced by a modern garage system then it will boost the value of your house due to its durability, lowmaintenance, and greater appeal. It does add value to your house when you want to sell it and it becomes energy efficient and much more secure.
  • Enhance the appearance of your home: Homes with new and efficient garage systems appeal to buyers on the market. Cooper City garage door repair services make it easy for homeowners to repair, replace and customize garage doors to give a better look and feel tailored to their taste.
  • Save on heating or cooling your home: Old garage doors are not insulated which is why they tend to leak out a lot of heat that your house can typically maintain, depending on the season. Garage Door Pros is the most popular garage door repair company and it offers you insulated garage doors that will save you money on heating or cooling of your home.
  • Added security: The garage door is the easiest access to your home and people use it more than their front door. If your garage door is old and needs to be replaced then you should have it done immediately to ensure safety. New garage doors come with a keypad for secure entry and an auto-raise feature from a remote control.
  • A new garage door requires low maintenance: Old garage doors needed high maintenance whereas the new ones are more durable and sturdy. Fiberglass or steel garage doors typically require a lot less maintenance.
  • Insurance & Annual Maintenance Visits: With a new garage door you are likely to get insurance benefits as well, such as reduction in your payments. Garage Door Pros, offer support after the door has been replaced and the package includes annual maintenance visits to check the door for any running issues.

Garage door repair company in Cooper City

Why is Garage Door Pros the best Garage door repair company in Cooper City?

Garages have been utilized in America across all states, since the beginning of the 20th century. Although garages and garage doors keep us safe, they are not exempt from the damages of time and daily use. Many things can happen over time, such as rollers get detached, and doors get off track. Garage Door Pros is based in South Florida and has been an industry leader since 2012. With each year, we have gained more and more recognition for our unparalleled Garage Door repair Services in Cooper City.Garage Door Pros, prides itself for providing timely, , inexpensive installation, repair,effective,and maintenance garage door services in South Florida so that our customers do not worry about the worries of life and can get on with the business of living their life to the fullest.

Garage door pros are one of the best garage door repair contractors in Cooper City, and we offer the best service with efficient after sales support. We feel everyone deserves an economical garage door restore if they need it. At Garage Door Pros,we cater to your individual home’s needs. We give you the most effective support! Over the years, we have established ourselves as a strong brand and we are in high demand from local customers.

Given that we are marketplace leaders you will realize the difference in the garage door repair services we provide.

Garage Door Prosoffers all garage door repair solutions in Cooper city.We offer unparalleled service with extended warranties, consistency, and we are backed by the best manufacturers in the industry.Other than garage door repair services we also offer household garage door installations, twelve-monthly preservation, keyless entry systems and electric garage door openers.

Garage Door Pros – The Most Affordable garage door repair contractor in Cooper City

Garage Door Pros offers the most reliable service at the most competitive prices in the city along with a variety of top-notch garage door services. Our website has a separate section for coupons and discounts which proves that we aim to offer quality with affordability. Many of us appreciate obtaining cut-throat price ranges that are not available elsewhere. Therefore, exactly why should you not save more?

Garage doors are an entrance to your house and a lot can go wrong with them especially that they deteriorate with time. Hence, even when you get a garage door repair or have it completely replaced with a new one we offer you a warrant and annual visits to check if your door needs any repair. We don’t just give you a brand new door but we help you maintain it!

As cooler winds blow, thoughts turn to the upcoming holiday season. Between October and January, we have four major holidays (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s). With the kids back in school and cooler, stormier weather on the horizon, now is a great time to take advantage of garage-door repair services to ensure your car and other property stay safe from the elements.

If your garage door is squeaking, shaking or showing other signs of disrepair, now is a good time to have your local garage door repair company check out your garage. A damaged garage door could cost you in water damage and worse cause a safety hazard for your family.

Keep your Garage Door in Good Working Condition

One way to ensure that your car and other valuables stay safe this winter is to maintain your garage door properly. Proper maintenance will reduce the risk of breaking and will ensure that your garage door lasts longer. Simple steps you can take to maintain good garage door repair includes:

  • Cleaning the door at least once a year. It is always a good idea to hose down the outside and inside of the door at the end of winter and the beginning of fall. Remove debris from the tracks. The salty Florida air can cause damage to the paint, tracks and other metal components. Removing the salt with soap and water will keep your garage door in good working order.
  • Inspect your garage door every three to four months. You will need to check the springs on your garage door to ensure they are properly holding your door in place. Loose springs could cause the door to drop, injuring a family member or damaging your vehicle. If you notice that your springs need repair, call your local garage door repair contractor to schedule an appointment for your repair.
  • Check the tracks and test the door balance. While you are inspecting your springs, do not forget to look at the rollers, tracks and hinges. Check all metal parts for rust and degradation. Hinges that are rusting or pulling away from the wall need to be replaced.
  • To check the balance, you can lift your garage door to about your waist. Release the door slowly. If the door drops quickly or bounces up, you should hire a professional garage door repair contractor to balance the door. Remember: Before you attempt to test the balance, to disconnect the garage door opener, and disengage the indoor opener (you can usually do this by pulling on the central cord located on the middle track).
  • Lubricate the door once a year. You can lubricate the door, hinges and springs with a nonsilicon-based oil (some motor oils will work fine). Keep the oil away from the nylon rollers. Lubricating the rollers and hinges will allow your door to open and shut smoothly. If you notice any damage, contact a professional for garagedoor repair.

Decorate the door for the holidays

garage door repair company

For a fun Halloween idea, consider constructing a giant pumpkin on the door with giant felt shapes or constructing a Halloween story with decorations from your local dollar store. Cobwebs, spiders, ghosts and witches look good against most color pallets.

You can add winter cheer to your garage door with a simple strand of lights. Spruce up the look with garland. Adding festive holiday decorations to your garage door is a simple way to ramp up the holiday cheer in your neighborhood.

If you are feeling a little competitive (or just extra cheerful) this holiday season, consider decorating inside your garage. You can create a life-size holiday diorama with lights, trees, and giant holiday figures. Bust out your best decorating skills for the neighborhood-decorating contest. If you can live without your garage for a few weeks, this is a great way to turn heads.

Whether you need to spruce up the paint on your garage, install a new door or repair damaged parts, contact your local garage door company in Broward. Schedule a consultation at 888.458.9699.

Your garage door is one of your best lines of defense. Not only can your garage door keep intruders out, but it can keep children and pets in. You need a garage door that fits your requirements and functions properly at all times. Like most equipment, garage doors often need maintenance and/or repair services to ensure everything is working as it should.

There aren’t many things more annoying than coming home from work only to find your garage door isn’t working properly. If your garage door doesn't open, there could be a number of problems. You could have a broken cable, remote, or spring in need of repairs. No matter what your repair need is, our team can help you solve the problem.

Affordable Garage Door Repairs in Fort Lauderdale, FL

A broken garage door can create a significant amount of worry. With crime on the rise, you never know what might happen without your garage door in place. A broken garage door leaves your family vulnerable to theft, vandalism, and a wide variety of other crimes. We're here to make sure that your garage door keeps your family protected.

A broken garage doesn’t have to ruin your day. The first thing you need to do when you notice your garage door is broken is to call our professional repair crews out to give you a hand. We’ll have your garage door up and running in no time at all.

What you can expect from us:

Speedy repairs

Rapid responses

Quality materials

Experienced professionals

Affordable rates

Long-lasting repairs

Your safety matters to our team

Don’t put yourself in danger by trying to tackle your garage door repair project alone. Something simple can often result in a big injury. You need to leave residential garage door repairs to your trusted repair professionals in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We’ll make sure your repair needs are handled quickly while emphasizing the safety of your home, family, and our employees.

You don’t have to keep searching for the most experienced and affordable professionals in town. You’ve already found us. From cable repairs to garage door remote troubleshooting, we’ve done it all. We’re your number one choice for garage door repairs in Fort Lauderdale and the surrounding areas.

Repairs you can afford:

Cable repairs

Spring repairs

Panel replacements

Remote replacements


Maintenance and much more!

Professionals you can count on

Our qualified repairmen are committed to providing you with an affordable service that is second to none. You never have to worry about hidden fees or dishonest work. We take great pride in our reputation, client relationships, and integrity. No matter how small or large your project is, you can trust you’re in good hands when you choose us.

Let us help you keep your home and family protected all year long with our expert garage door repair services. The next time your garage door stops working properly, give our team a call. We’ll have your garage door working better than the day it was installed.



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