How to Keep Your Home Secure Between Garage Door Service Visits

When your garage door is working properly, it’s one of the
most convenient features of your home. However, when there are problems, it can
become a significant security risk. The difference
is night and day, and this is why it’s so important to keep your garage door in
good working order.

Even when your door is functioning correctly, there are
still things you can do to improve security at home.

From securing your remote control to keeping up with Miramar garage door
, these are the steps you can take to enjoy complete peace of mind.

1. Keep Your Garage Door Remote Secure

Do you keep your garage door remote in your vehicle? Many
people don’t know that this common practice actually leaves your home at risk.
When it comes to gaining access to your home, a garage
door remote is tops on a burglar’s list
, because once
they gain access to your vehicle, they can also gain access to your home. It’s
not difficult to find your address on something in your car, and with a remote,
criminals have a free pass.

Instead of leaving your remote in your car, be sure to carry
it on you at all times. Modern garage door systems come with key fob remotes
that are lightweight and more portable. If you have an older system with a sun
visor remote, consider upgrading for more security.

2. Lock the Emergency Release When You Will Be Away from Home

When you are traveling for a weekend or even longer, it
makes sense to lock the emergency release in your garage. Criminals can use
force to pry open a garage door that has the emergency release unlocked, and within
minutes, thieves have access to your garage and anything in your home.

When you’re going to be away for an extended period, use
cable ties to secure your emergency release. This isn’t the most elegant solution,
but it makes your garage door much more difficult to pry open, which sends
criminals away to look for an easier target.

3. Always Keep the Door Closed

Some homeowners fall into the habit of leaving their garage
doors open during the day. Even if you’re in and around the house, you should
keep your garage door closed and locked. This deters thieves from quickly
rushing in and helping themselves to your belongings. Keeping the door closed
also hides anything of value, which can help prevent your home from becoming a

4. Cover or Tint Your Garage Door Windows

With the garage door being such a common entry point for
criminals, it’s one of the first places that thieves will look when ‘casing
out’ your home. Hanging curtains conceals valuable tools and garden equipment.
You can even tint your garage door windows to prevent people from seeing

Always think of your garage as an extension of your home.
You use drapes and blinds to maintain privacy and security inside your house,
and you should do the same in your garage.

5. Stay on Top of Miramar Garage Door Repairs and Maintenance

A faulty garage door is a criminal’s best friend. A door
that doesn’t lock properly, hangs incorrectly or opens and closes on its own, significantly
increases your risk of burglary.

As soon as you notice problems with your door, book a Miramar garage door service
. A technician will be able to come out and address any security
problems, leaving you confident that your home is safe and secure.

Even seemingly minor faults can compromise your security, so
don’t overlook anything. Examples of problems that need Miramar garage door
service are:

  • Faulty or noisy springs
  • Door runners that are getting stuck
  • A door that opens or closes slowly
  • An unbalanced door
  • Rusted parts
  • Unusual sounds that come from your garage door
  • An intermittent garage door mechanism

Don’t wait for a problem to turn into a nightmare scenario
when affordable Miramar garage door repairs are just a phone call away.

6. Change Your Garage Door Code Regularly

If you have an electronic keypad connected to your garage
door, be sure to change the pin code regularly. Additionally, don’t use numbers
that are related to your address, zip code, or any other personally
identifiable information. Follow best-practice personal
identification number (PIN)
security tips

just like you would with your ATM card.

If remembering a new pin code every other month is difficult
for you, you can invest in a biometric garage door opener that incorporates a
fingerprint scanner.

The Best Company to Call When You Need Garage Door Repair Services in

The Best Company to Call When You Need Garage Door Repair Services in Miramar

Garage door security is critical to the safety of your
family and the protection of your belongings. Always follow the basics to enjoy
complete security at home.

When it’s time to book Miramar garage
door service
, trust our experts at Garage Door Pros. We offer services
throughout Broward, Miami Dade, and Palm Beach Counties. We’ll perform a
complete evaluation of any problems and give you a full security and safety

Our repairs are long-lasting and affordable, and we even
offer 24/7 callout for emergencies.

Don’t let your home become a target for crime. Call us
anytime your garage door is faulty, showing signs of unusual operation, or needs routine maintenance.

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