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Garage-Services-img-home-V2-07Most people have a routine when they wake up each morning and head to work. And most people, at some point, look at the time and realize that they don’t have the luxury of leisure as they get ready for the day.

Get up, get dressed, get to work. In that order.

Not many things cut into the routine more than an inoperable keyless entry system. Sure, it only takes a couple of minutes to manually open and close your garage door. But a couple of minutes can be very valuable during your daily commute.

There are any number of reasons why the keyless entry system on your garage door might stop working, including the following:

  • No Power To The Unit

If the lights and remote are working, and if the unit is plugged in, the problem is most likely the circuit board on the electric opener. Problems with the circuit board can be caused by vibration. This usually occurs after years of faithful service. The shaking of the supports, cables, and the motor itself can cause small disconnections in the board. Lightning or a power surge is also a culprit where blown-out circuitry is experienced.

  • Remote Becomes Inoperative

If the wall switch works but the remote does not, chances are there is damage to the remote unit and not the electric motor. If the batteries are fine, then the problem is in the connections within the remote unit. Professional installers of garage door opener equipment can replace the remote with a brand new one that will fit your garage door opener’s frequency as there are many different ones based on brands and models type.

  • Motor Does Not Open The Door

The problem here is most likely either in the trolley carriage rather than inside the garage door motor or the rotating mechanism is worn out/ broken which. If the trolley moves but does not open the door, the motor is working just fine. Instead, a new trolley carriage will have to be installed in order to fix the problem. A broken or grinded system will need to be either repaired or replaced; this is due to several reasons: over-load of weight, unbalanced door, an object blocking the smooth door operation.

  • Opener Cannot Be Operated by the Wall Switch

The wall switch wires can come loose, and this is the probable cause for failure of the switching mechanism. A garage door opener technician can quickly identify the problem and correct it. A garage door motor is generally not to blame for inoperative switches. However, an electric opener must be properly aligned with the sensors in order to receive any signal commanding automatic open/close.

With Garage Door Pros, all these potential malfunctions are easily serviceable.

Our certified professionals at Garage Door Pros are well-trained in the installation, repair, and maintenance of keyless entry systems made for garage doors. From sensors to remotes to remoteless keypads, Garage Door Pros can have you coming and going freely in no time.

So when you get home and sigh in exasperation knowing your door clicker isn’t working anymore, remember that it doesn’t have to be such a hassle.

Contact Garage Door Pros today, and we’ll get you squared away.

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