Off Track Garage Door Repair

garage door off trackAn Off Day

Imagine the worst case scenario (if you aren’t able to bring up a related memory): you’re as jovial as a person can be who just woke up for work, you get ready and eat breakfast and grab your things before headed out to the garage for your car. You sit, press the button on your garage door remote, then watch in horror as one side of your door goes up and the other side just…doesn’t.

There are few things worse that can happen to a garage door than it coming off track. More than a simple snapped cable or malfunctioning remote, an off track garage door is typically indicative of either a serious issue with the door, or a serious issue with one of the working parts that keep the door opening and closing smoothly.

It also has the added effect of rendering your door useless–even with a manual opener–and can wreak all types of havoc on your day. So, once the surprise and despair have faded, what do you do? Simple. Call Garage Door Pros.

Getting You Back On Track

At Garage Door Pros, our certified experts are trained in all aspects of garage door installation, repair, and maintenance, including diagnosing issues with off track doors, whether it be an easily fixable issue or a major side effect of long term wear and tear. If your garage door is sitting sideways, don’t fret.

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