Like most major features of your home, your garage door
won’t last forever. When you consider that your automatic door can open or
close 1500 times every year, it’s no surprise that the average serviceable
lifetime is between ten and fifteen years.

At Garage Door Pros, our team of knowledgeable Plantation garage
door repair specialists
, are standing by to help in the unfortunate and
inevitable case anything goes wrong.

Three Signs Your Garage Door is Close to Failure

Even if your door seems to be working today, there could be
signs that it is on its way out. Knowing how to spot them can save you from a
costly repair bill or a catastrophic failure.

Read on to discover the factors that can damage or
deteriorate a garage door and the giveaways that it’s time to call a Plantation garage
door repair technician

What Causes a Garage Door to Fail?

Your garage door and opener come together to form a complex
system of moving parts, electronics, and mechanical components. Just like an
appliance, or even your car, the system will wear out and eventually break down
over time.  Without regular Plantation
garage door service, that time could come sooner than you expect.

Taking a moment to think about everything that your garage
door must withstand will help you develop an idea of why maintenance is so essential.

Opening and closing your door several hundred or even
thousands of times every year, puts strain on the motor, moving parts like
rollers, and even stationary parts like steel tracks. Degraded performance is
an inevitability, and complete failure will occur if you don’t keep up with
Plantation garage door service. Simply using your garage door will eventually
lead to the need for maintenance or repairs.

There are other factors that also come into play and cause common
garage door problems
. For instance, the weather can have a significant
impact on the reliability of your garage door. A strong breeze or heavy winds
during the Atlantic hurricane season brings dust and debris into your garage.
Small particles can collect on the garage door tracks and make it harder for the
rollers to move, putting extra stress on every component.

Humidity is also a problem when your garage isn’t air-conditioned.
Having the door open while you’re working in the garage allows humidity to
degrade electronic components and corrode metal parts. Over time, light
corrosion turns to rust and seriously compromises the safety of your garage
door.  Plantation garage
door service technicians
can help to offset problems from humidity by
regularly lubricating moving parts.

Heavier weather, such as storms, can also cause damage to
your garage door. Impacts from tree limbs and flying debris can damage the
exterior of your door, making it harder to open or close. Direct rain is
especially detrimental for steel doors, as steel
. Considering all of this, it’s no surprise that a door will
eventually reach the end of its life. Even the highest-quality doors have a
limited serviceable lifetime, which is why you need to be prepared to identify
the signs that your door is about to fail.

Three Sure Signs Your Garage Door is Close to Failure

Know what to expect when your garage door is failing with
these three signs.

  • Your Garage Door is Sagging – Take a look
    at your door when it is fully closed. If it is sagging and not standing as taut
    as it once did, then a serious problem could be about to occur. Sagging happens
    when springs are worn or stretched beyond their normal state. Don’t attempt to
    repair this problem on your own. Springs that are under tension require service
    or replacement by a professional to avoid injury.
  • Your Door is Stuttering Intermittently When
    Opening or Closing –
    You know how your door opens and closes when it’s in
    pristine condition. The motion is smooth and regular, without stuttering or
    lurching. If you do discover that your door is moving intermittently in stops
    and starts, you could have a problem with the tracks and rollers or the opener
    itself. Try opening and closing your door manually. If the motion is smooth,
    then the problem is with your opener. If the door still stutters during manual
    operation, the problem is with the tracks or rollers. Either way, you’ll need
    the help of a Plantation garage door repair team to sort it out.
  • Your Door is Making Grinding or Squealing
    Noises –
    When your garage door is in good health, you’ll hear a slight
    whirr from the motor and some noticeable mechanical noise. The sounds will be
    smooth and regular, just like you would expect. If something’s wrong, you could
    hear squealing, grinding, or pinging from your springs. Anytime that the sound
    from your garage door changes, it’s time to call for a professional inspection.

Don’t attempt Plantation garage door repairs on your own. Improper
repairs and maintenance are disasters waiting to happen.

Don’t Delay When You Need Garage Door Repairs or Maintenance

Whether you’ve seen the signs that your door is close to
failure, or if you’re having other problems with your garage door, our team at
Garage Door Pros can help.

We’re fully licensed, bonded, and insured, and our highly trained
garage door service technicians
are ready to help you with repairs, door
replacement, and installation of new parts.

Never ignore the signs that your garage door is close to
failure. Acting quickly will prevent further damage and could potentially
reduce your repair or replacement costs.

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