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Here’s the scene: You wake up one morning and go about the business of getting ready for work. You take a shower, get dressed, eat breakfast, maybe watch a few minutes of news coverage or read a newspaper. When you’re done, you grab your stuff, make sure you have everything, then hurriedly walk out to your car, ready to get on with your day as you press the button on your garage door remote, and….nothing happens.

For the most part, your average citizen likes to operate on a set schedule. It’s how we’re wired; many of us just work better when we know what we’re going to do next and how long it’s going to take. Which is why there aren’t many things as frustrating as your plans being derailed by some sort of malfunctioning equipment, like a broken garage door opener.

While not as detrimental to your morning commute as a car with a dead battery (nobody wants to deal with that), a garage door opener that quits on you can be it’s own brand of aggravation. So what’s the cause?

There can be any number of reasons why your garage door opener isn’t working (or, in some cases, is only partially working), from reasons as drastic as the entire electrical system being faulty to simple explanations like the battery running out on your remote (while you’re here, you might as well go check that out…we’ll wait…not the issue? We thought so). No need to panic though. Garage Door Pros is here for you. Opening Doors Since 2012

Our experts at Garage Door Pros are certified and trained in all aspects of Garage Door repair, installation, and maintenance, including repair and/or replacement of motorized garage openers. Regardless of the issue, Garage Door Pros has a solution for your needs.

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