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If you’re like most homeowners, your garage door is the most important entry point to your home. It offers convenience in any weather, and with the right door, you could even improve security at your home.
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Professional Garage Door Installation for Lasting Results

Garage door installation requires a unique skill set and knowledge of all the moving parts. In a modern garage door, there are more steps than just hanging the door and signing off the job.

Consider all the elements that are necessary for a functioning door that provides daily convenience.

  • You’ll want an automatic opener to complement your modern home.
  • Rails and sensors will need to be mounted.
  • Springs, chains, and belts will need to be installed and tested for safety.
  • A heavy garage door may need more than one technician for the installation.
  • You may choose to install additional features like a keypad or biometric sensor for keyless entry.

Considering the above, you might wonder if garage door installation could be performed as a DIY job. It’s a valid question. After all, DIY is part of the American homeowner culture. However, there are some areas of the home where DIY simply doesn’t make sense. When it comes to garage door installation in Fort Lauderdale, doing it yourself could lead to serious problems.

Without an experienced technician, you could miss essential safety steps. You may even struggle with some of the heavier parts of the garage, or even the electrical installation.

At the end of the day, a garage door can be a dangerous thing. Botched installations can lead to injury or even death in the worst-case scenario. You want the best for your home, but it should never come at the expense of your safety. At Garage Door Pros’, we offer affordable services so that you can have complete peace of mind, without having to spend a fortune on your garage door installation.

Leave this part of home improvement and maintenance to the professionals. If you want the best garage door for your home, talk to us today and we’ll present all of your options.

Your Material Options for Garage Door Installation in Fort Lauderdale

Garage Door Pros’ brings the skill and experience to ensure that your new garage door is installed right the first time. We take care of the details so that you don’t have to worry. Of course, there is one area where your direct involvement is necessary. Material selection is something that you’ll need to consider ahead of your scheduled install.

Your choice of garage door installation material will affect the price, look, and feel of your garage door. We’ve covered some of the most popular options below, to help you get prepared for your project.

If you have something special in mind, simply talk to us and we’ll explain all of your options.

  • Steel Garage Door Installation– Steel is the most popular material of all for residential garage doors. It is long-lasting, can be treated to resist corrosion, and is low maintenance. It is even available in textures that look like natural timber. Unfortunately, steel can be relatively heavy, especially if you are looking at commercial-grade doors with 24 gauge steel or higher. Talk to one of our Fort Lauderdale garage door installation professionals for advice if you need similar durability from alternative materials.
  • Aluminum Garage Door Installation– Aluminum is affordable, lightweight, and can be made with imitation wood texture. This is a good material to use if you have a particularly large garage door that would struggle with the weight of a full-sized steel or wood garage door. Aluminum can be damaged during storms, with dents and scrapes being a risk. If your garage is highly exposed and is likely to be hit with debris in a storm, then a more resilient lightweight material like vinyl might be preferred.
  • Wood Garage Door Installation– Wood is a classic material and it’s one that offers a beautiful high-end look and feel. However, wood is also heavy and relatively expensive. Choose this option if you insist on a traditional aesthetic. If you are looking for something that simulated the look of wood but is much more affordable, vinyl is worth considering.
  • Vinyl Garage Door Installation– Vinyl is an excellent material that offers affordability, durability, and flexibility. Vinyl will resist storm damage, it can be insulated, and it is color pigmented at the factory, so it will take years before it begins to fade. Vinyl is also highly affordable and could be the perfect choice if you need to remodel or renovate on a budget.

Whatever your material preference is, we can source the products to make your home look beautiful. Contact us now for your Florida garage door installation.

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